What you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bulletooth, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. A friend sent me this to have a listen to, I ignored it thinking it wasn't going to be "my thing". All I can say is it's amazing, it's recorded direct onto the master disk via a vinyl cutting lathe, all in one take, has to be done that way, what musicianship!

  2. Love Orbital, always get more than you expected.
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  5. Just downloaded Snivilisation.
    Great album. Worth a listen to..
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  8. Listening because it reminds me of good times in the early 90's - and my best mate had the CD single at the time.

    Watching the music video because.... late Bayyyyyyy! :cool:
  9. the wind outside, whistling down the chimney.
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  10. Like November up here :(
  11. The washing machine.
  12. The rain beating on the window, the wind chimes clanging out on the pergola, and the fire crackling and spitting as the wind blows back down the chimney. It’s is May isn’t it?!
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  13. Wild innit! Love it actually..:D
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  14. I had to move the van down the drive to get out from under the trees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the driver’s seat in at the mo. Most odd - I could just about see over the dashboard...
  16. Superbly recorded album. Got it on now

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  17. Lots of RnB from a particular year in the 60s - not saying which one as it's for one of my shows. :cool:
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  18. Strangely, the clock ticking, the cooling fans in the file server. People breathing. The occasional large grey cat hurtling around at random making ticking noises on the floor with his claws. The sound of typing on the keyboard.
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    Diving back into the past again today.

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    Folkie stuff today

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