What you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bulletooth, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. So drum n bass...:hattip:
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  3. Bizzarely. .
    William shatner..
    Common people ..
    on Lisa tarbucks show,

    on BBC sounds..

    Rock n roll fri evening...:chewie:
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  4. Maria Vidal

    Body Rock!
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  5. The Bell of St Mark
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  6. Prince at his hedonistic best. Bit longish but a good insight.

  7. Not Eurovision.
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  8. We can be Billy no mates together ;)
  9. Intentional billy no mates. I can't stand it.

  10. Blue Lab Beats

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  11. Saw Feelgood at Reading in 79 i think, sent the crowd crazy ...brill live ....lee Brill say no more .
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  12. This.
    Massive memories from 1987, when I left home and ran away...
  13. This. Weird. Very weird.

  14. Without a doubt, one of my favourite songs by the Barbarella boys, cracking version too, @Soggz
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  15. It’s stirs dark memories for me, of living in some of the worse places, with my then girlfriend, and some of the worse people.
    Drug addicts and a murderer.
    A time I can’t wipe from my memory,but a time I dare not forget...
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  16. Eek, it's quite surprising how two different people can have so different memories attached to the same song. On a positive note, you came out the other side of that period in one piece. One or two of the people I knew where I grew up, sadly didn't!
  17. Few of my mates arnt here anymore… too many, in fact, one way or another….
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