What you listening to right now?

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  1. A proper film.
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  2. So 1960s, the middle class manager and the talented working class lads, not so long ago but so much has changed
  3. Except George was extremely talented himself. They wouldn't have got to where they did without him.
  4. Definitely. They were hugely in awe of him... although initially I think that was because he had recorded The Goon Shows!
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  5. His book's worth a read if you can get hold of a cheap copy :thumbsup:
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  6. I had such a crush on this woman
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  7. He was posh wasn’t he? How long did he wear his shirt and tie? 40, 45 years?
  8. 40, 45 years I'd say.
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  9. The Traveling Wilburys

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  10. Chilled Sunday
    Jarrod Lawson

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  11. Dancing around the dining room whilst I wrap a few parcels for ebay

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  12. At work with Absolute 80's on, currently listening to Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police.
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  13. W
    Was watching a documentary the other night about them .
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  14. This has to be listened to in stereo. :)
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  15. Four albums & I didn't much care for any of them.
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  16. A Spotify playlist I called Costello.

    Sheena is a Punk Rocker at the mo' - trying to make a bus journey tolerable. It's the windiest route possible. :confused:
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  17. Only thing is Steve ...Does it not make you think your barge is sinking ;)
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  18. Orbital
    Beautiful Track, give it a listen.:thumbsup:
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