what would you wear for a delivery driver job interview????????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by johnnysensi, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Do a 'Spud' from Trainspotting.
  2. Wear a suit with a tag hanging off saying "purchased from Amazon" naaa only kidding, but smart is the only way to go, forget casual, as many have stated, first impressions do count, and be early, not just on time.
  4. agree with DUBious and do a little research on the company if possible, good luck!
  7. don't;

    forget to brush your teeth
    sniff or pick your nose
    fart (unless it goes bad)


    wear a tie - essential
    iron your shirt
    Cover all tattoos
    Tell them how Marmite amazon have been at delivering things to your house and you want to redress the balance.
  8. if you look like a con when you wear a suit, don't wear a suit
  9. thank you people for all the good lucks and help....i got me smart shirt out and im going rand me ma,s to get my suit ,so if you see a rat look bay with a suit in ....thats moi ....ill karm ya all tonite when bak in....love you peoplexx
  10. Good luck Johnny, Dont have a clue what you should wear, but I hope it goes well :thumbsup:
  11. delilah

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    Did you get the job?
  12. A friend of mine was once sent for a job interview by the job centre and he didn't want to get it, so he went wearing this t-shirt:

  13. Hope all goes well, or went well..
  14. good luck dude.. how did it go??
  15. Hope it went well... when do you start? ;D

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