what would you wear for a delivery driver job interview????????

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  1. got my first interview out of over 100 cv,s sent .......now ive not done a interview since i was 16 .....so what do i wear for a drivers job with amazon for the interview ......all help with be gratefully received and rewarded with karma....many thanks.....a happy johnnysensi

    ive ironed me batman outfit and washed my clown shoes
  2. If you own a suit shirt and tie then wear it, make sure your shoes are clean and remove unnecessary jewellery, you get one chance to make a first impression.

    Good luck
  3. Birdy

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    As above and don't forget to clean behind your ears :)

    Good luck.
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  5. I would agree with what has already been said.


    - haircut if it needs it ... try a week before not the day before (if there is time) so it has time to 'settle' afterwards!!
    - positive attitude ... if you don't believe in yourself and that you can do the job, then why will they (i.e. don't let nerves get the better of you on the day).
    - Remember to take along any papers they've asked to see as well ... both parts driving licence etc.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    good luck :mad:
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    NOT like this:

    Step Brothers Fart Scene

    Always dress the part - as they will see you as their public face being one of the drivers.

    If you dont have a suit - shirt and tie - and not any Sonic the Hedgehog ties either.

    ALWAYS remember - you are on show from when you walk through the door and until you leave - so don't relax too much over a cuppa, just be a little cautious. Mention the Bus if I were you - always a good ice breaker and shows a degree of care.

    Other than that - best of luck buddy!!
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    I once got a Job manys years ago because I played cricket in my youth and unbeknown to me the manager had been bowled first ball by me a few weeks earlier ;D I walked into the interveiw and he recognised me straight away :eek: Never really talked about the job, he just wanted me to play for his team
  9. Poptop2

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    Smart casual and don't forget to smile ;)
  10. I always go suited and booted, clean shaven and looking tidy and smart. As said above it's about first impressions.

    Even for a labouring job I was suited up which made the governor laugh, good ice breaker though.
  11. Stig suit ?
  12. Not sure you need a suit, but I'd definately go for work shirt and tie and don't forget to smile and look approachable.

    Good Luck - I hope you get it.
  13. i always wear a suit to an interview. as already said, first impressions count.
    as a delivery driver you would be the face of the company to the customers. i would never employ some one that couldn't be bothered to make an effort for the interview.
    interviews can seem tough but remember they are just people. they will ask daft questions that bear no relevance to the position applied for so just take a breath and answer without rambling.
    take your own pen, turn your phone off and show an interest in what they are saying.

    Good luck
  14. if going for an interview always wear - shirt - tie and suit if possible ...
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    Wouldn't hurt to check out a bit of info about Amazon - sometimes these big companies expect everyone to have an understanding of, and an interest in the greater picture - even if it doesn't seem that relevant to the job in question.

    As someone who conducts interviews I agree with the smart clothes bit - first impressions count - and a positive attitude, eye contact and enthusiasm!

    Best of luck! :D
  16. I've always gone suited and booted, my last interview where I am now, I was the smartest in the room out of 6 yes there was 5 interviewing me.
    Always smile be polite, think before you speak and enjoy yourself.
    Look into the company before hand and know a little about what they do who they serve and cater for etc are they big or a local company.

    I've always gone into interviews with the attitude that I'm just goin in to meet new people for a chat and it seems to keep me calm.

    And most of all The best of luck. :)
  17. I would say no matter what the job always make a great imprestion and wear suit ;)
  18. Doh just read all of your post, Amazon don't think that they are a small local company. :eek:
  19. Doesn't matter what type of job you're going for. Always wear a suit.
  20. Poptop2

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    If it was me and i have been to a few interviews for lorry driving jobs and as a manager interviewed people for lorry driving jobs , i would wear smart casual - your not being interviewed as a office worker and you don't want to look a over dressed numpty, know your subject before you go ( what they deliver ) be honest about your own abilitys , if you have done it before make sure they know you have , tell them about your knowledge of the country , don't lie they only have to ask you how to get somewhere and you could trip youself up , mention your sat nav that you have at home , do a bit of homework about the firm , show willing and be flexible re working hours , state you like to get up early and enjoy hard work and smile people like smiley people , makes them easier to bear , good luck !.

    Just my opinion !.

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