What was the fastest vehicle you ever drove....

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  1. Busas are mental. I can’t ride bikes as I don’t trust myself and don’t have the reactions any more. First bike I ever owned was a GPZ 1000 RX. You can ride owt after on of those!
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  2. I only bought it to put the engine in the smart car, I had a go before I stripped it
    I got Harley’s (2 wheel tractors)
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  3. Bloody hell! What you expecting at the wheels on the smart car?

    Btw. Id have a harley but cant afford one that id want.... by the time i can afford one i will be very, very old i reckon!
  5. Top end was 130mph 0-60. 4.8 seconds

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    I’ve driven and owned lots of fast cars and borrowed bikes. Never been really quick on a bike, but I know the fastest I have actually driven is 148 mph in my jag racing a Range Rover somewhere where it was illegal to do that speed. I’ve never been proud of that mad rush of blood tbh.
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  7. 84mph in the bug about ten years ago. Didn’t do THAT again
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  8. The fastest I have driven in a car was 100 mph indicated downhill past Rownhams Services on the M27.

    In a 1300 Morris Marina.

    That was probably about as dagerous as 150mph in a modern car.
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  9. I forgot Ive been in Betty’s 90 year old dads car ,that’s a more scary experience :D:D he drives very fast thinks he’s a teenager :eek:
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  10. Strangely enough I remember doing 130mph on the M25 in one of those (company car) back in the day.
    Wildly optimistic speedo - or worn down tyres!

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  11. Audi RS6+ probably.
    Drove a Lamborghini Countach across a car park in the ‘80’s, that was a mad car.
    Fastest I ever drove? Only indicated 150, in my first WRX prodrive tuned.

    Fastest thing I ever went on - 150 pillion on a ZX12, but the speed at which it got there with 30 stone of two blokes on it was astonishing.

    Fastest point-point twisty back road car had to be the ex-wife’s Suzuki Swift Sport. Under-powered but incredible handling.

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    Fastest 130 in my Fiat Coupe.
    As a passenger about the same in Sarah’s SLK and also as a passenger 130 in a colleagues sierra something fast.

    On my bike was 110 then I panicked the tyre would pop or something would run out of the grassland next to the road so slowed down :)

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