What was the fastest vehicle you ever drove....

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  1. .... And what's wrong with 55mph?
  2. Ferrari 430 spider
    On one of them track day experience things

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  3. 69 427 cubic inch corvette stingray . An Absolute beast
    Something like this .
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  4. At the time my 2.8 Granada was pretty quick, I owned a fiat pinto GT again at the time was fast that’s about it I’m afraid, I know boring
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  5. Some crazy Le Mans thing, cant remember what it was.We were painting the Chrysler workshop and it was in the way so I drove it about ten yards.More fun was the car with a twisted chassis that went sideways.
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  6. Mk1 Honda fireblade sold it pretty quick as I knew I would kill myself on it.
    Cavalier SRI I loved that car so comfortable
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  7. Smart car with a Hayabusa engine
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  8. Bentley continental coupe.
  9. Amazing work, I want one
  10. bernjb56

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    My Audi RS4 was pretty swift and you could point it anywhere and put your foot down.
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  11. Back in the day - a Rover SD1 with a Janspeed twin turbo seemed pretty quick. It was v loud inside and you couldn’t hold a conversation.

    More recently, a McLaren MP4 but I couldn’t let it rip.

    On balance, I had more fun in the SD1.

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  12. Citroen CX Pallas 2.4 automatic. Beautiful car to drive. First car I had with power steering, and only 2 1/2 turns from lock to lock.
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  13. My honda cbr600f. Doing naughty speeds on 2 wheels seems like warp speed. I’ve had the bike since new 1999. Needless to say warp speed was left behind with my youth!

    Did various track days in various cars. E type, cobra, 911 and lotus exige. All great fun.
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  14. A jaguar 3.4 in our driveway when the parents were out. It was my mums work car at the time. I must have been about 13/14 at the time. Never driven anything faster since. Probably just as well.:)
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  15. DMC-12, cos when that baby hit 88mph... :eek:
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  16. V12 5.3 E type , was my waterpolo mates , worst thing is I’ve wanted one ever since :(
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  17. I spent ten years working on Chevy corvettes and Cameros and Cadillacs. They were fast in a straight line. Shocking build quality apart from the corvette. The worst was the Camaro Z28. Similar mechanics to a mk1 Cortina but with a 5.7 V8. Mad but fun. A c5 Vette would do 180.
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  18. The expense :eek:
  19. Yeh and the bending to get in :(
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  20. A race prepped Aston Martin at Brands Hatch on practice day. The car is in the GT3 or GT4 series. I drove the slower of the two with only 430 ish bhp. Was then taken out in the 600bhp car, it cornered like it was on rails!
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