Weaco CR50 fridge vs CRX50

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  1. Yes , but only the newer compessor fridges , the older ones run on rarer 240v camping leccy which everyone squabbles over at Techenders ... :rolleyes:

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  2. You are, of course correct. Mains of course is mains and i wouldnt use gas either if hooked up. I was trying to point out 12 volt is for travelling and will also be fine if hooked up and you have on board charging capable of 7 amps constantly but if you have mains then use it.

    Hook up paranoia is not a good place to be and significantly inhibits the camping experience in my view. Ive been there. Its not good?
  3. I tried the local caravan guys and they would all sell me gas appliances and even fit them but none of them would touch or service one that they hadn't fitted

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  5. [​IMG]

    It would appear my instructions are different to yours @SkutterBob
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  6. Great, thanks. I will set mine to level 2 like you say and hopefully it will be enough.
  7. Weaco CR50 fridge vs CRX50-
    there's only one way to find out
  8. Totally agree :thumbsup:

    I `ve never had 240v in the van but MAY go down that route when i give it a spruce up at the end of this year .
    The only two reasons to justify the effort would be to charge the leisure battery occasionally and run a tiny blow heater rather than the gas propex . I never realised how useful it could be but spent a couple of nights away with Mr & Mrs @paul2590 who used a small fan heater to great effect and got me thinking :thinking:
    I certainly wouldn`t hunt out a hook up unless i really needed heat or to charge a battery so the camping experience wouldn`t be inhibited - i don`t HAVE to use it but it`s there ...

    Now about these fridges ..... :D

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  9. It nice on hookup when you know that it does not matter how many times you charge your phone or can have the fridge cranked right up to get proper cold beer.
  10. Got in touch with Dometic to ask about the day and night mode that was not mentioned in the manual. They asked for a picture of the large sticker that is on the front of the fridge claiming this

  11. It's also nice to be able to do that without hook-up. The views tend to be better ;)
    That's what these fridges are all about & I'm interested to see how quickly they run down the LB. Do they have a low voltage alarm setting like the CFX?
  12. That'll be interesting!
    Could it be their rampant marketing department again. It's usually a bit cooler at night....erm maybe the fridge has to work....a bit less...on average..over a season!!!
    There, cracked it!
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  13. If its insulated well and you dont open it then it shouldnt need much energy anyway. I dont get it!
  14. Indeed!
  15. They have warning LEDs. I don't tend to do the squabble at techenders so will be on LB.
  16. No they have low voltage protection and stop before they suck the life out of the battery.
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  17. The coolbox/freezers have this function:
    cfx battery mode jpg.jpg

    It wouldn't be too much to incorporate it surely into the upright fridge range. I guess they're aimed at slightly different markets.
  18. @theBusmonkey The fridges cut out at low voltages too to protect the LB
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  19. This is what I received from Dometic when I enquired about the 'Day and Night' mode that was missing from the instructions...

    Good afternoon,

    Many thanks for your email,

    The day and night mode is regulated by the adaptive speed of the fridge itself - it regulates the speed according to the required cooling demand

    Therefore the night mode on this model is automatic, it occurs because there is naturally less demand at night and therefore the fridge will not need to work as hard.

    I hope this helps to clarify,

    Kind regards

    I replied back...


    So night mode is just the fact that you don't open the fridge so much?

    That is a marketing department at the top of thier game! Very funny.
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  20. :thinking:

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