Weaco CR50 fridge vs CRX50

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by SkutterBob, Mar 6, 2017.

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  3. I managed to pick one up new for £400

    Still a lot of money but hopefully it'll be better than my old fridge and use less battery as current fridge lasts about 4 hours on battery
  4. 4hrs?!? Is your battery knackered? Or the fridge faulty, surely it wasn't specified that power hungry no matter when it was made?
  5. Old blood thirsty fridge. RM123 or something.
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  6. If you had an TM123 3-way fridge with a vent ole in the side of the van but no flue. Would it be worthwhile getting someone to for the flue and has plum it in?

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  7. Its a no brainer provided it works on gas as then it uses no leccy at all when camped and will run indefinately if you feed it with gas. Also they work better on gas! That said, it needs fitting properly!
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  8. That's my concern. It was in Cyril when I got him but has barely been used and never been used on gas. Some muppet fitted a new kitchen unit and fridge but never plumbed it in & binned the vent.
    Does anyone fit these anywhere?

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  9. Gas ones need to be level otherwise they don't work properly. Leccy ones can go up to 30% and still be OK. You can see why a lot end up in boats.
  10. You can still buy the flue kits

    BUT as Dicky says they must be fitted properly. I can't recall exactly but I'm sure Electrolux/Dometic specify the length of flue pipe & other key dimensions to ensure there is sufficient draw from the burner to waste the exhaust efficiently. Not a job for an amateur so get a caravan gas geezer in.
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  11. It's not the gas but the type of fridge. Ours is all electric but is an absorption fridge which uses a heat source (gas, DC to element or Ac to element in 3 way fridges) to shift refrigerant around the condenser. It's this convection action that requires the fridge to be reasonably level. That being said we've never had an issue when camping on levelling chocks.
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  12. Rm 123`s run on gas , 240 and 12volt .

    The 12 volt is only supposed to be used whilst the van is running - try to use it without being powered and it flattens the battery in no time , as you no doubt found out ....:rolleyes:

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  13. Learnt summit new today.
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  14. What is a camper van geezer, I don't seem to be able to find one near me... I'm in Hertfordshire

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  15. Indeed which is why I've opted for something a little more easier on the battery.
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  16. But you arent sposed to use them on leccy when camping. Thats the point!
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  17. I fitted mine and plenty of others have .
    If you use the proper kit (above) and don`t try anything stupid like designing your own flue it`s hard to get it wrong to be honest ...

    Never had an issue but i always turn everything off when i turn in for the night - just sensible really ;)
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  18. Indeed but I'm hoping to go electric free which is why I also got solar panels
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  19. Don't you have geezers in Herts? @SeanOC . Best contact a caravan service engineer then;)
    That's why I carry the equivalent of the national grid on the roof.
    The big flaw in US campers is the lack of gas refrigeration. The Westy manual for the Campmobile is very specific about getting on the hook-up asap when you arrive on site. Then again they have 'city water' points on the side of the vans for that essential fully serviced pitch.
    Camping US stylee is awesome...
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