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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mattlad, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Thinking it may be time to change the family wagon and don’t really want to fart about with selling it privately.

    has anyone used We Buy Any Car - good/ bad experience?

    it’s a 2012 Mondeo estate so not worth a great deal anyway...

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  3. I’ll give you £50. Cash.
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  4. Gah! £75, my final offer.
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    yes I got a guaranteed offer of £2950, I went to their office , they offered a very generous £800 :eek:

    which I generously declined
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    To Slow ;)
  7. You will take your perfectly reasonable car to them and they will beat you down on price so much that by the time they are finished you’ll be begging them to take the car and all your cash.

    we bought a golf convertible. A few days later for a laugh I stuck it in we buy any car. They literally offered us 50% of what we’d just paid for it, and we got a pretty good deal on it. Plus they never give you what they enticed you to the garage with. They are instructed to find something how ever minor to knock down their offer, which would have been insulting in the first place. Avoid.
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  8. I snooze, I lose :(
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  9. Oh - it’s like that is it?
  10. You never snooze. You are a machine. A human hybrid cyborg. On the outside living tissue but inside a jumble of wires and computer chips.
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  11. Well that would just be annoying and I’d end up making a scene....
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    What kind of a scene , a back drop from a Christmas carol or such like , could be quite nice I suppose , not sure how you would get it home
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    To be fair the valuation is based on it being mint
  14. I’d need a large estate car such as a mondeo to get it home - I’m back to square one.
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  15. Made by EMPI...
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  16. If you have no friends then go ahead and contact them, that way you will soon think you have loads of friends because of all the emails you get from them
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  17. I sold a Vauxhall Signum to them when I was a busy busy chap with a brand new car. My Signum was Ok but had started smelling because it had got quite damp over the winter. Did a deal and got twelve hundred quid, if I’d sold it privately I might have got two grand if I’d cleaned it up a bit and persevered with all and sundry coming or not coming over the next four weekends. Sounds like it’s a similar position to where I was. Anyway wots it wurf mate? How much and where are you?

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,someone here may need a runner :);):)
  18. If it hasnt yet had a repair bill equal to the current value of the car just keep using it. You will save a lot of money.

    If you have looked after it at all it will be less rubbish than most oldish secondhand cars.

    Its why our cars are 1973 (bus), 2001 and 2004.

    We do still put the two newer Peugeot 307 2.0 diesels into the garage for servicing.
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    I once put my car regs into their web site and they offered me about 50p for the lot, which I thought was very rude! I thought I may claw it back on the T2 but I don’t think they recognised the reg.

    I sold my vehicles privately for much more than 50p :)
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  20. My mate sold his Evoque through them and was satisfied with price...they do check it VERY carefully, but then again if you were buying, so would you.
    However I got a price on the wife's Corsa, one owner, 80k on an 08 plate and was offered £400.
    It obviously depends what you are trying to offload.

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