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  1. Alex
    First, I'm sure you will find the right bus eventually. I started in about May and still have not got one :( . I have looked at plenty and have been close but have either decided to walk away or have just missed out. However, erveryone tells me the bus will find me so I stay positive :) .

    Secondly, although I have not bought from Tony at www.vwcampervansuk.co.uk , I have been down a few times to look at their vans. Their workshop is clean and tidy and the guys that work there are friendly and free with their advice. As yet they have not had the right van for me, but if you see something you like with them, it would be worth the trip to visit them. If they had the right van for me, I would not hesitate.

    Sorry I cannot vouch personally for their work but from the projects I have seen in the unit, they take care and are enthusiastic. As I say, I have not bought from them and can only comment on what I have seen and my impression, but I hope it helps. Oh, and I am not Tony's relation :D !

    Good luck with the search.
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    Well worded post ^
  3. Hi Alex

    You're not far away from our place.. we're near Stanley, Co. Durham. We deal mainly in US imports, and have a few in stock at the moment. Our buses share the same site as The VW Shop, run by Ian 'Banty' Brown, who is somewhat well know in VW circles. Basically, I import the buses from the USA and they are offered for sale 'as is' from Banty's place. Customers either buy them and take them away, or drive them the few yards into Banty's workshop for further attention.

    There are a couple of late Westys and a 79 Riviera which wouldn't take an awful lot of attention to be dead right. 8-grand, as others have pointed out, can be a bit of a 'funny' number. 10-12 can indeed buy you a 'pristine' pile of scrap, or it can often buy you something decent. Spending, say, between 6000 and 7500 on something that is essentially straight and pretty solid, then adding another 2000-3000 to that figure (or more, depending on how far you want to go) to address any bodywork and paintwork issues and ensure it is healthy mechanically can often be a better bet than buying something already 'done'. At least that way you can see first hand what is needed before any work begins, and know that what you are buying is not the proverbial 'Trojan horse', hiding a bunch of nasties beneath.

    Banty will be more than happy to chat to you, and give you a tour of his workshop to show you the standard of his work. He can also maintain anything you buy (whether from us or elsewhere) on an ongoing basis. His number is 07710 064868 if you want to give him a shout. Also, feel free to pm me if you have any questions.




  4. Thanks for your advice Northwesty and Lofty! Good luck with your search too
    Lofty - as you say the right bay is definitely out there!

    We think we've found a solid Westy imported from the US which needs a little work as you've suggested Northwesty. Good price, and we've got some guys who are gonna help us out! We totally didn't think we would go down this route - but it feels right cos we'll be building our own bus the way we want it!

    Will keep you posted with what happens!
  5. Sounds great Alex.. I know opinions differ as to how best to do this, but I don't know too many who have come to regret it.

    I hope it works out for you this time :)



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