VWNW @ Tatton Park, 6th August 2017

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Zebedee, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Flakey

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    You did good braving it when you had problems early on :thumbsup:
    Glad you're home ok, bus looks great!
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  2. Thanks to @Geordie for swapping a sausage or two for a cheese slice must say the Tesco sausage was better than the naff co-op one. @Lord Congi

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  3. Don't you have a working fuel gauge on that pickup? What happened to the battery? Was it just dead?

    Ian, glad the lead got you back ok.
    Don't bother sending it, I've got loads in a bag in the shed.
  4. It works in a fashion, it reads permanently full can't explain the battery breakdown assistance man put a tester on it was only reading 11.38 v it's either not charging, is foobarred or an alternator issue !

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  5. Bugger. :(

    I lost the engine bay seal somewhere along the way including the bit of the inner valance it attaches to.:eek:
    It still ran 10c cooler on the way back though that was probably the monsoon conditions on the m6 and did 24 to the gallon too. :)
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  6. jivedubbin

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    A good turnout today ,some great vans and a bit of interest from passers by .It was good to put names to faces
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  7. They were monsoon conditions, awful think there was a bad accident on opposite carriageway going south lots of blue lights ☹️

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  8. @GONA66 it was a pleasure :cool:
    It was a comepleat fluke the
    So Manchester club stand.....backed on to the late bay and lovely to see friends and new faces :cool:
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  9. @GONA66
    Them Coop sausages where rubbish ;)
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  10. I saw the traffic on the southbound side stop dramatically then about 10 mins later a few paramedics cars.
  11. :(
  12. got back about 1930, nice run home and apart from a couple of niggles i need to sort it ran like a champ.

    thanks for the burger @Geordie and the sausages @GONA66

    talked to @Jacosmotor for about an hour boring him stupid no doubt about the swap i did, he is having his done soon i think, maybe, well at some point!
  13. @pkrboo Thats a mint conversion very very talented Malc :cool:
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  14. Flakey

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    Was tempted to buy this for Sally
    Personalised step ladder for cleaning the Westy roof !!
  15. @Flakey got some in the shed it's OG
    One owner from only done 1200 miles
  16. Had a great day at tatton and good to meet and speak to leec and see his crew cab amazing work!!! And pkrboo have to say amazing work on his conversion and would have listened to him for another hour(or more) but think his family thought he had met a long lost relative but am hoping I can make techenders in September and tempt him with a few beers to tell me a bit more about his conversion
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  17. I thought we agreed that @pkrboo ,was right - it's mouse grey
  18. I agree - so neatly done @pkrboo - and in less than 3 months!
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  19. thought it was just 'Grey'
  20. I made it back safe and sound . The old girl did get a bit wet though :(.
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