VWNW @ Tatton Park, 6th August 2017

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Zebedee, Mar 27, 2017.

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    aiming for 09.30 but we will see
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  2. Help ,advice !! Oil light coming on , just had a full tune up new oil cooler, and four oil leaks fixed . Oil is at the correct level its new, any ideas chaps ☹️

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  3. Check wire still on oil light switch,possibly faulty switch or oil pressure low.
    Have you set off ?
  4. Yes I'm about 7 miles down the Rd.when I turn ignition on oil light stays on and flickers with out engine running!

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  5. Ignition on IMG_5949.JPG

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  6. Disconnect switch light should go out,put wire terminal to engine,light should be on,reconnect to switch if flicking suspect switch
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  7. I'm sorry Steve that sounds easy but I wouldn't know what all that means etc ☹️

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  8. I'm pretty yellow snowed off at the mo ,so instead off my day being totally ruined I'm going to try and get it home, get in the flagbus put on a cheery face and get to Tatton .

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  9. Tried one last thing when I put hand under dash and push wires light goes out pull my hand away light comes on ?

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  10. That sounds like bulb holders on dash , we will set of in half an hour see you there,we can sort something out then
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  11. I'm going for it

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  12. Flakey

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    He made it
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    Good line up :thumbsup: Saw a few VWs heading past as we drove back from Norfolk past the Cat and Fiddle.
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  14. Hope all got home ok. IT was good to put faces to names and see some buses in the flesh. Thanks Martin for putting it together
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  15. Was great to meet you guys :thumbsup:
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  16. Great show, always thought it would be an amazing weekend show but shame you can't camp on national trust land :(

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  17. Great show, have had a great day. Thanks Martin for sorting our passes out at the last minute. :thumbsup:
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  18. Yes I made it .......but I nearly didn't make it home ran out of fuel on M6 junction 21 lucky had a can of fuel but then battery failure and wouldn't start waited hour for breakdown assistance he jumped the battery and just got home now. Had a brilliant day, all you latebay peeps who attended very nice to meet new faces and people I already knew,thanks to @cunny44 for stopping on motorway sneaked a brew waiting for breakdown man . IMG_5957.JPG IMG_5962.JPG IMG_5963.JPG IMG_5961.JPG

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  19. Home now and Bert put to bed he ran fine on the way home thanks to @Zebedee for the spark plug lead I will get that new set fitted and I can post that one back to you if you send me your address. Had a great day and it was a good shake down for Dorset next week great to meet everyone and I'm still not sure what grey my van is lol.
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  20. A very nice grey

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