VWNW @ Tatton Park. 4th August.

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  1. Was nice to meet you all today

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  2. Thanks to Martin @Zebedee for organising the club stand as usual . Great weather for my 4th show , until I started for home with a thunderstorm on the M6 - at least the bus doesn't leak. Good to see everyone again including - Lasty aka @SundialCamperSpecialists , Steve @steve77bay , Graham @GONA66 , Fran in her bus with @Deefer66 , Carl @mousey and friends , Keith @Betty the Bay , even @Geordie turned up minus a bus, plus anyone I may have missed. Hope you all got home OK - Maybe do it again next year if I still have the bus
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  3. Fink you mean flakey SCS
  4. Great to see everyone, good show as usual.
    Can't wait for the next outing
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  5. another one of his aliases so he told me
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