VWNW @ Tatton Park. 4th August.

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Zebedee, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. PIE


    They have asked me to put my split in the organisers display,I said Ok
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  2. Hope they offered you free entry
  3. I'm going
    Hopefully in the bus

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  4. Come and say hello. We're on stand C53 under the tree to the right of the main gate.
  5. PIE


    yes mate
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  6. PIE


    Me mate went there to carfest and he said it was a mud bath, hope it has been sorted out.
  7. Sounds like its dry underfoot.
  8. I've been to loads of shows there over the last 20 odd years - never a mud bath but it has muddy patches if it has been raining a lot the week before
  9. Car fest is at Bolesworth isn't it ?

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  10. PIE


    Me mate in the pub said it was Tatten Park, he had had 10 pints of HPA at the time to get over the mud bath mind!!
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  11. 10 pints of HPA I'd forget a lot

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  12. We've been moved. Now just through the trade gate and first plot on left. Absolutely lashing it down here at the moment and tomorrows forecast doesn't look great either. _20190803_173659.JPG
  13. Not as far to get towed out !
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  14. Plot is flat and it's all on a sandy base so well draining.
    Decent view across concours field.
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  15. 23c still and muggy as hell.
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  16. So not like Lyme Park then !
  17. All that space just to yourself - luxury
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  18. The new owners of my old Gypsy are entering it :eek: so say hello if your passing.

    Regard's Geord.
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  19. Will do mate

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  20. @cunny44 Has he got the right weekend?
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