vw t2 1974 restoration

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Dean mitropoulos, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Annoying if you want one for sure!
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  2. Anything can be bought at a price .
  3. what do you mean sorry?
    i have removed the top of the a pillar where it goes to the roof connecting strengthener. Fu(k too late... their is only 1/2" play each way. I have some photos so I should be fine and i did not take any measurement.
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  4. does anybody know where or how I can make or get this top section of the a pillar outer skin top section and the inner roof strengthener piece.

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  5. any idea if i can use a LHD cargo floor on my RHD bus. Can I use a 1968-1972 cab floor on my 1974 kombi?
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    Yes to the cargo floor but you’ll need to weld a strip to the O/S to make up the gap to the side of the van and cut a bit off the N/S. I’ll dig out some pics for you.
    The cab floor won’t fit though as the arches are different (the cutout for the step differs).

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  8. Thanks, I will get a 1974 RHD for the cab floor
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  10. is the metal the same thickness as the original? I once bought a inner cab step and it was paper thin.
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    It's definitely a little thinner yes.
  12. "little thiner" is it worth using?
    the cab steps where very thinner.
  13. is their any other place that makes them. Auto craft make only 67-71 only
  14. Try getting a cut. @davidoft maybe or VWFBI come to mind.

    Parts emporium, megabug.
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    Think Dean is down under so shipping might be a bit prohibitive.
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  16. Keep forgetting that!
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  17. yes I am down under. Should just get the klokolohm part
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    Nope, it's that or a body cut.
    It's not laughably thin to be fair.

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