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    does each plot allow a awning ?
  2. I think you'll have to play it by ear but I suspect people will have them this weekend
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    thank you jen
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Anyone heading down on Sunday morning, what time are you leaving, just curious how bad traffic gets?
  6. All loaded up for the car park sales. Have a good night those who are camping tonight. Booze will help!
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  7. My propex is going to work overtime tonight
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21363978760.041346.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21363978779.612025.jpg
  8. Good luck to those camping and let's hope the snow stays north of London. I'm planning to be on the road early in the morning and I hope I bump into at least one TLB member at the show.
    Keep warm.
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  9. For those who don't know the area, coming in from the M25 down the A3 and off at Esher the traffic is usually very bad, last year at 10.30 the queue was up to the slip road and onto the A3. It's a bit of a way but much quicker to stay on the A3 til Tolworth, you'll see a big tower on the left (Tolworth Tower!) as you come to the junction. Come off, go round the roundabout and back up the A3 heading back south, miss the first turning (Chessington/Tolworth Hook/Surbiton turnoff), soon as you go through the underpass take the next exit, which takes you straight towards Esher, you go over a small roundabout, then straight over a set of lights, and at the next roundabout stay in the left lane following the signs for Esher and Sandown park is about 1/4 mile on your right. Adds about 7 miles on the journey and a slightly smug look on your face , especially as last year coming this way we had to queue behind....... 2 buses to get in.
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  10. Very wet and cold weekend!!
    But who cares???
  11. Nice tip TheGazman I always get caught in the traffic as this is the way the tom tom takes me. I think I may follow your advice this year.

    Top work fella.
  12. Good luck me Bredren, I'll be there Sunday morning.
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    Don't forget the carnation
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    Stay snug those that are camping tonight :)
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  16. 22 degrees this time last year, now this..


  17. ^ its crap innit :(
  18. [​IMG]


    Erm .....
  19. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    It's getting hot in here let's take off all our cloths.
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