1. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    At least it has stopped raining had none all day dried out nice :) now im excited again
  2. Majors, where did u get ur new fire pit from ??? It is something we need also !
  3. we'll bring some wood down with us :thumbsup:
  4. That sounds like mud, mud, mud!!!!!!

    I blame Camperjam!!!!!
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  5. Thanks for the link :thumbsup:
  6. i hope the weather is with us this year, i am so ready to go now. i am goin in the air on 21 our.

    ready for real beer to
  7. Just picked up my van from having some body work done and now ready for Friday night camping. "Can't wait"
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  8. Liz - your firepit does the two things I wish ours did - comes with a bag and has a proper grill (though the fish grill thing we use is fine for bbq).
    If we'd have had time to research instead of discovering on the day before going away that oues had been nicked from our front garden we'd have gone for the same
  9. Go on morkc68 , Tell em
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  10. what that we are now staying at the premier inn?
  11. Shame !
  12. yep, but with the mud & the snow..and Majors lack of heat, I don't wanna catch flu for Spring Camp!
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  13. Fair comment
  14. don't wanna chance it tbh, easter is the first holiday we've both had yet this year, we want to enjoy Dent etc
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  15. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

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  16. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    To quote VoWo: We have a 1 vehicle per plot rule that everyone has to adhere to and we are asking that once you are parked up please avoid moving the vehicle unless absolutely necessary.

    Well that's marowak screwed!! :lol:
  17. Thats stupid = especially for those who are displaying ....

    I am only staying Friday night so I will adhere and my movements will be absolutely needed
  18. I know the show opens at 10 but what time can you get into the car park ? I've only been once before and we started off a bit late so we sat in slow traffic for over an hour. This time I want to get away early from home so I can get into the show early.

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