Volksworld Tlb line up

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  1. Yep, Rich had organised it so there were 10 different busses each day. Good way to get a variety of folks to attend but a bit more complex to organise.

    Only issue we had (on sat at least when i was there) was that they'd not really allowed enough space for us, so we were really crammed in. You guys on the LB row had much more space :)

    Good show though and good to catch up and say "hi" to people. @paul2590 @1973daisey @nicktuft @mikedjames etc
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  2. I made it home 350 miles round trip had a blast !!

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  3. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

    Pic of the late bay line up with Matilda photo bombing at the end of the row lol
  4. Just about see ur tent ️ did u sell many ted had to shoot off on Sunday

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  5. You forgot our star guest, Mr Haynes...

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  6. Apparently I should be relieved I didn’t see him , I think my timing was spot on ......... Sorry Barry

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  7. I think you may have been touched by his presence
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  8. Was he wearing a long Mack with sweet in his pocket

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  9. A banana possibly...

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  10. its ted

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    Did well in the end but not quite double figures
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  11. Or his hand ;)

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  12. Some welcoming glasses of Presecco would have done it

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  13. Out side Pizza Express 20190322_222228.jpg
  14. Yeah, saw that at the show. Bizarre.

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  15. Guys, when we drove in the main entrance on Saturday morning, there was a guy taking pictures of the individual buses.
    Does anyone know who it was, or where to get the pictures from?:thinking:
    I looked on Volksworld FaceBook page, but the pics not there.
    I was hoping for a nice pic to keep :thumbsup:
  16. The company had a stand at the show, tonight once I'm home I can look for the company name if you still need it then.
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  17. Thanks Iain. I have the card for bluepigphoto photographer - they took pics as we drove into the camp site on Friday.
    It's the Saturday morning pic I'm looking for.
    Thank you :thumbsup:
  18. Same people who took mine going in to the show too.
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