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  1. This is a pretty good show and there is a fair few of us who meet up regularly it’s a chance to get ur bus in the main show on the red brick area and don’t worry these are the used busses we’ve had all sorts over the years !! If u log on to Volksworld site and select late bay (5 of us under 1 & 5 under 2 ) this gets us the weekend pass and camping all weekend!!
    U don’t have to show it both days sat is the main day !!

    As a rule we park in the middle by car park on camp site and Paul books pizza exspress and then a few beers in town then back to the busses to finish up as gotta drove into the show for 8:30 bus then there till 4:30 can’t move it can still go in it ect as it’s urs !! Then after we drive back to campsite (0.5 miles away where nick cooks a tremendous curry and then we head to the golf club on site for a tilpple )
    Great weekend and a chance to mix up with some of the elite show cars and busses
    I myself normally get there Friday lunch about 2 ish but can come anytime loads of camping space and pubs very close !! 1st 10 to pay will be the 10
    And issues on me or call me

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  2. Hi, Is the camp site your staying at, the one Volksworld are providing, or somewhere else you've found?

    I'm tempted, unless you think my bus is not what they'd want on display ???
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  3. No as long as it’s a late bay ur in and no it’s the official site we camp in actually on the race course u just have to drive round like 300 yards to get in gates

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  4. Thanks Simon, I'll give it some thought.
    Hope all is good for you :)
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  5. I’m great now thank I did wave at u on Sunday but u was busy busy x

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  6. So Sorry, I didnt see you :oops:. Was you by my bus?
    Yeah, was a very busy day for me, and I was anxious :(
  7. All done and I'm booked in just need confirmation by email..
    Looking forward to the doings..
    Good on you Si for taking it onboard.
    Now Herman and Daisey can chew the cud.
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  8. davidoft

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  9. Nope there rubbish

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  10. :eek::(
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  11. davidoft

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    Nobber x
  12. Yer Nobb'et x
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  13. Bugger I’m on a training course that weekend

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  14. its ted

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    Hi all, we will be at Volksworld again this year in Matilda our late Bay but can’t join you in the display as we will be on the Glawning stand promoting their products , why don’t you come over and say hi and see what this years specials are[​IMG]
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  15. I'm booked and paid up. :D
    Thank you Si, for organising it all :thumbsup:
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  16. its ted

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    Bit ageist I think, all old dubs should be treated with respect, oh by the way I also have a t25 [​IMG]
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  17. Club Ticket Prices
    Club Weekend Camping Ticket Coming Soon

    Adult Weekend Camping Ticket: £30 per adult
    Child Weekend Camping Ticket: Up to two children 14 and under FREE. Additional children: £5

    2 Day Club Entry (camping tickets not included)
    Adult Weekend Ticket: £15
    Child Weekend Ticket: Up to two children 14 and under FREE. Additional children: £5
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