Viton Dipstick Bellows - Group Buy

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  1. I’m still awaiting instructions as to who where what with this payment thing as my grey cells are very cloudy most days. AND!!! By popping another little post on here every week or so, I shan’t loose this thread in the zillions of other pages and it’ll drag it to the fore.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, I remember having a memory I think :)
  2. :D

    I'll be sure to resurrect the thread when they arrive! :D

    And I'll be tagging all & sundry so we can exchange details - but not just yet, or it will all get scattered and lost in the time machine
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  3. Expected delivery date (to me) is Thursday 2nd July
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  4. You'll get a card with details of how to pay the duty and handling fee and arrange delivery first.
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  5. Payment so far:
    Viton Dipstick Boot - 50 @ $3.10 = $155.00
    UPS delivery - $50.90
    Total USD - $205.90
    Total GBP - £170.43
    (Exchange rate £1 = $1.2081)

    Import charges:
    Government charges - £33.98
    Brokerage charges - £11.50
    Total Import charges - £45.48

    Total landed cost - £215.91

    Price each - £4.32
    (Excl. P&P)
  6. Well done that man. Don't forget UK postage.
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  7. They're here...


    I didn't realise how much a second class stamp was! (Edit - and that the envelope is classed as a large letter!) It means that P&P will be £1.13

    That means the amount due is:
    1 boot - £5.45
    2 boots - £9.77

    @grandmst - 2
    @Little Nellie - 2
    @andyv - 1
    @Mark Darby - 2
    @zedders - 1
    @F_Pantos - 2
    @MorkC68 - 2
    @3901mick - 2
    @philntfc - 2
    @mjones1969 - 2
    @Faust - 1
    @Chrisd - 1
    @Bumblebee - 1
    @Sproggy4830 - 2
    @JT1 - 1
    @Mellow yellow - 2
    @Ozziedog - 2
    @lhu1281 - 2
    @Deefer66 - 2
    @Fronkjunior - 1
    @Betty the Bay - 1
    @Cheesy Wotsit - 1
    @Bobba - 2
    @p.tinks - 1
    @S1mon - 1
    @dingovirgin - 2
    @areksilverfish - 1
    @Joe Exotic - 1
    @twodogs - 1
    @woollywelshbloke - 1
    @EDE77 - 2
    @shahaviation - 1
    Me - 2

    Could you now please PM me, giving the following details:
    - real life name
    - address incl. Postcode
    - whether you'll be paying by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family

    I'll reply with my bank details or email address - depending how you are paying

    When you make the payment can you add your forum name as a reference on the payment if possible? That will help me keep track of all 32 orders :)

    I'll endeavour to despatch as soon as I've confirmed payment from each of you
    (Edited, as the envelopes arrived just after I hit reply!)

    Let's hope they live up to the billing!
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  8. I’ve no need for one of these
    But I just wanted to say top bloke Norris for organising and sorting the group buy
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  9. I've heard he is also accepting payment in kind

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  10. Good man...! I feel you have become the official 'group buy' main man!
    Just to reiterate, if anyone drops out, id like to be on the 'reserve' list for one
  11. I've corrected my post above, but just to highlight a slight increase in price...

    Having taken an envelope containing a couple of dipstick bellows to the Post Office, it would appear that it is classed as a large letter due to the height. That means second class postage is 88p, not the 65p quoted earlier

    Revised prices:
    1 boot - £5.45
    2 boots - £9.77
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  12. You can go off some people, you know! ;)
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  13. I would round those up, if I were you, makes things easier all around :hattip:
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  14. I've already had some people pay :)

    Edit - feel free to round it up as much as you like! (optional) :D
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  15. I've now sent out the bellows to all those that have paid so far - about half of them

    Unfortunately due to an error when ordering the envelopes, I ended up with half the quantity I needed. Therefore any further shipments will have to wait for a couple of days until more arrive - sorry

    Time to get in contact with your details & pay me if you haven't already :)
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  16. Thanks @Norris they arrived today, you can definitely tell the quality is far superior to the UK bought one I have on the bus.

    Thanks again

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  17. PMs sent to the people that haven't been in touch yet :)
  18. Thank you @Norris got mine today :)
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  19. If you should have any left over @Norris I would like one for a spare. Cheers :thumbsup:
  20. Thanks Norris, received mine today
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