Viton Dipstick Bellows - Group Buy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Norris, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. I would like 2 if I'm not too late please
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  2. By my calculation there is 1 left out of the 40 I'm intending to buy, but I'll put your name against it

    Still waiting for a shipping cost...
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  3. Thank you
  4. ..and one for me pls if not too late

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  5. Can I have one if I'm not too late please?
  6. Unfortunately we've already hit the 40 I was going to buy. However I still haven't heard back with the shipping costs, or indeed if they have that many in stock!

    I will chase them again and see if I could maybe get 50 instead
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  7. Ditto - but I'll see if I can get a few more
  8. Many thanks
  9. i might be missing off the list, if there is any spare i would like to increase to two if possible.
  10. Right, I've chased them up again. They were supposed to have given me a shipping price on Friday but didn't, and I sent another email over the weekend with no response - I guess they were closed. We'll get the parts though - I can be tenacious when I want to be!
  11. No, you were not on the list. You are now, depending if I can get that many :)
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  12. Sorry, you were the first to respond and I missed you off the list! Apologies!
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  14. I'm definitely drawing the line at 50!
  15. 50 must be a good few percent of the Type 4 engined Bays actually on the road in the UK? Thanks @Norris :hattip:
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  16. And all with the same problems!
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  17. Im getting a couple spare for the fleet because I don't have problems (not there anyway) since I put a viton one on the tintop 5 years ago

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  18. I would like one please, if its not too late, Thanks
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  19. Ok

    4 left
  20. Can I order one of the remaining 4 please?

    (pretty please with a cherry on top)
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