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  1. Blue one doesn't have the amazing sunroof ?
    Massive fail :thumbsup:
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  2. Merlin Cat

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    I was trying to pick holes too :)
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  3. Dated April 27 th 2015

    bottom comment

    26 avril 2015 à 0 h 41 min — Répondre
    I have one for sale.
    Needs restoration, but very good.
    9.000 euros. In New York.

    And dubsurftones first name is John :)
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    Hey @Lord Congi , have you got a photo of your seats please? I'm looking for material to repair mine but looking at the Internet Landmark photos they seem to vary a bit. My current brown fabric seems a bit like nylon!
  5. Theres a few on the 1st page of this thread, would go out but its gone dark and yellow snowing it down plus thunder and lightning, and crab apples falling off the trees, the end is nigh.
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  6. Just checked "lightningmaps" I'm going to cop it any minute now!
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  7. On the vans, ones cracked the devon roof if you look in the middle just behind the center :(

  8. A crab apple wouldn't crack your roof!
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  9. Has done they're big and falling from some height.
  10. Dave how big are the apples :confused:
  11. The ones on the ground look small but there some freak ones about high up :thumbsup:
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  12. Merlin Cat

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    Are you sure they're not cooking apples?!

    I've now checked lightning maps too @zedders ! We will get it if it's heading north-East. Best I move the exhaust off my van roof just in case :)

    Has @Tuesday.Wildchild subliminally made us all look at lightning maps? Looks like it's starting from his place :eek:
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  13. Are the ones in the pic fare fare away

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  14. That would be me..!
    Was trying to flip it before a late bayer was interested .

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