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    Hurrah! :). Pleased to see you've got you're sunroof open too :). Have you got the cab curtains? Does your bed fold down? Is there much room when it's down between the end and the 2 chairs?
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  2. Nice
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  3. missed this , great stuff cong nice weekenddue too :cool:
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  4. Nice one Dave, glad your out and about again :D
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  5. Where you at?
  6. Yes I have those but just need the diameter of the metal snap fasteners so i can put the slider and rear curtains up (used thermal blinds) bed folds down and is really comfortable with the t25 memory foam i got, and the room is fine really even with 4 in :thumbsup:
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  7. Rhos on Sea :thumbsup:
  8. @Merlin Cat
    Here's the 79 chevy conversion, guess that must be the magazine rack and optional games table you could get with ours as all the other fixtures and seats look standard :)

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  9. I want one :)
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  10. You need to ask @dubsurftones to get you one :thumbsup:
  11. Landmarks find the owner they choose . You must be worthy..
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  12. I'm worthy :worship:
    You got one!
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    I'm worthy
    I'm worthy
    I'm worthy :D :chewie:
  14. Got to give it to them they are amerikan kitch and so kool.
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  15. [​IMG]
    ^^^^ I'm dumbstruck; there really aren't enough words to describe that! I'll settle for 'awesome' but it doesn't really cover it!! Games tables? Drinks cabinets? Magazine racks?? I'm with @Geordie: I want one!
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    So were they shipped over as panel vans then converted, or minibuses?
  18. Basic white gutted. microbus with sunroof and sliding glass windows 2.0 fuel injection. Various options, ac/ cruise control. Etc.. The landmark vw was more expensive than the westy , turbine wheels added.
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