Vango Kela II Standard size Air Beam Technology

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by physiopro, May 26, 2015.

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    Khyams really aren't that good
  2. Unfortunately not.
    Left me feeling a bit deflated really.
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  3. Got one, put it up in the garden in approx 20 mins! Awesome! Very happy!! :)
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  4. Just used the awning in Anger this weekend!
    Awesome! Really pleased with it! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1434913429.023570.jpg
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  5. Have been looking at getting a Vango air beam and when I compared the weight I was suprised to see it was only 3.4 kg lighter 22kg compared to 25.4 of the Outwell country road we have used for the last 4 years.I guess it's close due to the gauge of plastic used for the beams.The advantage as others have said is in speed and ease of erection not weight?
    I'm disappointed that currently Vango do not offer the double section awning in a low which is the perfect fit for a standard bay.One more thing is the quality of the material used by Vango on this years awnings I think it's more tear resistant and you can really feel it.
    Is it value for money?As many people say on here and quite correctly something is only worth what people are willing to pay and I see plenty around when I'm camping even though the price is quite a shock if your used to a pole type.
  6. Personally I feel well worth it! Easy to put up and take down. Very good quality build :)
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  7. The Galli has a low version

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  8. Yes we had a look at one at Volksworld but just didn't think we would get on with the internal arrangement. Just waiting for Vango to do the double compartment Kela in the low.

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