Vango Kela II Standard size Air Beam Technology

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  1. Does anybody have one of these? Opinions on air beam technology as opposed to frame! We have a great awning at the moment I bought from Zed which is ace but take a while to put up and is quite heavy bulky so not good for one night stops! Just wondered if the Vango kela II is as good as it looks
    Thanks :)
  2. I am sat in mine now took 10 mins to put up and not heavy
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  3. Mines the earlier kela but is same less the doors in the tunnel
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  4. they are still in quite a big bag but will be easier and quicker than the one you have now. @67westy has one
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  5. We have the kela I, got it when they discounted them for the new models. Like @72usWesty I think the only real difference is an extra side door in the II. Only had it up in the garden so far but it was very easy and quick to put up and seemed sturdy. Its still fairly bulky but you save on weight from not having poles.

    From the garden experience I'd recommend it but not used it in anger yet :) let me know if you want packed measurements and I'll get it down off the wardrobe....
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  6. Thanks
    I have watched a video of the Kela II the main differences are different Valve system, valves at waist height, zipped doors next to van, single interior air beam!

    My main concern is campsites that don't allow ground sheets! Are there many sites that don't?

    I really like the look of it in the video and glad to here it is pretty easy to put up!
  7. Waist height valves could be handy! I was nearly swayed to buy the new one for the side doors but it was quite a bit more.

    I've never had a problem with ground sheets at sites.
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  8. Does it stand up on its own without being tensioned by the camper? I was thinking of if u pack it away wet and want to dry it in the garden!
  9. Yes.

    Just use the four corner guy lines and it's stand up.
  10. I bought one (used) a month ago.
    Put it up for first time as a tester at Techenders. Took me about 15-20 minutes.
    Used it again a couple of weeks ago, took about 10-15 minutes.

    I would expect a full erection would take 20-25 minutes from getting your bag out to getting it fully hard and up.......... :lol:

    And taking it down is something else! I reckon I can put it away in 10 minutes. So quick.
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  11. Cheers! Decision decisions! Always been impressed by the khyams.
  12. Sounds like you enjoy getting it up!
    Thanks for the review :)
  13. It's a shame it's all done and dusted so quickly. Although the missus doesn't mind.

    The fact that eBay isn't flooded with used ones also says a lot about the product.
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  14. I have one of the kela 2 awnings, great bit of kit took 15-20 mins to put up on my own.

    And about 10 mins to take down again. The quality is great.

    Strongly recommend these.

    Also comes with an inner tent that can be taken out if not required.

    They do stand on there own when not attach to the van.
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  15. I bought a chinese copy of ebay but im not convinced its much good and its awkward to get in the van after a few rose hip syrups

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  16. You have convinced me thanks :)
  17. Me too definitely recommended, the inner tent is a bit of a waste is space so that's a goner. I get better at erecting these each time I want to get them up, oooeer!
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  18. Weve just bought a Khyam Motordome Tourer, we are having a trial run on saturday night to see how it works!! Tourer Quick Erect Awning
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  19. did it go down on you atall ?
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  20. Ours stood up in the garden:


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