Urgent help, anyone with a spare fuel pump in the Shropshire hills area.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Withnail, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. It looks like you have the wrong fuel pump at the moment. If you replace it with the correct alternator type I think you'll also need a new push rod.
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  2. Thanks for help all,

    Think I'm sorted, got an electric pump from Facebook, and mounted it on the fan housing usings coil mounting bolts so I could use the existing lines. Not the best place, but can't see it's any higher risk than the original setup.

    Wired off the split charge relay so it only operates when engine running hopefully should be enough fuel in the carb to start each time, if not can manually prime.

    Should do till I can get a replacement mech pump.
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  3. Looks like you are right. What is the reason for the difference? Is it just a clearance thing? This one does come on and off with alternator in place, but there isn't much room.
  4. Yes just clearance. I wouldn't rely on an aftermarket dynamo pump fitting as your VW dynamo pump has. It might, but in your predicament I wouldn't risk more delay if it didn't fit unless a TLBer was bringing one to you from their spares pile to try today. I'd go for alternator pump and matching push rod.

    BTW if it's leaking into your engine I hope you've clamped it's fuel supply and changed the oil. Petrol diluted oil is not oil.
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  5. Yes, check oil for petrol. That fuel pressure is possibly a little high but it should get you home.

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