Urgent help, anyone with a spare fuel pump in the Shropshire hills area.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Withnail, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. A long shot, but I'm stranded in the Shropshire hills with a leaking fuel pump,

    Is there anyone around who has a spare fuel pump they would sell me. Engine is 1600 with alternator.

    I can hopefully grab a lift as camping with friends, but they are leaving tomorrow, so trying to get sorted today.

    Any help much apprechiated


  2. I can't help you location wise, but we would need to know if it was Type 1 or electronic. Edited as I saw you said 1600.
  3. Like he said, 1600 with alternator - mech pump.
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  4. Haven't woken up yet :oops:
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  5. Tho, still possible to have an electronic, isn't it?
  6. No or he wouldn't have mentioned the alternator. Wake up Watson. ;)
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  7. Need more tea.
  8. Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons , I'm presuming it's the later non-rebuildable type .
    A pic would help as they're a different length push rod

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  9. A block off plate and an electric pump could get you going.
  10. Indeed , but a better chance of finding a pump methinks..

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  11. It's a later pierburg type that doesn't seem to come apart. As far as I can see. Will try and post a pic.

    Yeah working on an electric fuel pump options, got a couple of motor factors to ring when they open at 10
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  12. These guys are based in Shrewsbury, tgey have alot of t25 and aircooled stuff on their ebay page

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  13. If they dont answer the phone, highly likely they may see they inbix pop up on facebook, if you dont have Facebook i can message on your behalf

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  14. IMG-20200802-WA0001.jpg
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  15. Thanks a lot, yeah got facebook
  16. +44 7889 862396

    This is the mobile number for them

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  17. @Withnail they use WhatsApp

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  18. Think I may have found a facet electric pump on Facebook market place,

    It's 3-4.5 psi, which I am presuming can be run without a pressure reg?
  19. Yes though it would be far more straightforward for to replace the mechanical pump.
    New fuel lines, wiring, relay...
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