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  3. No problem hun thats fine thanks for the reply
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  5. Hi - that's great - not sure we need 55m though..........but would be interested in 10m - could you email me to sort out payment etc. Wish we lived around the corner but alas we are 200 miles away! How wide is the roll? And just to double check it is a thick weave fabric similiar to hessian?
  8. A small sample would be great - please post to ******** - many thanks
  10. Many thanks for posting sample so quickly - sorry to take so long getting back to you -alas, it is not as turquoise as we would have liked but we think it will be okay as it is the weave we are looking for! We think 8m will suffice so if you could email me your address I can send you a cheque (to include whatever you will need to post 8m - fabric can be heavy!) - unless you have a paypal account and then you can simply send me an invoice via paypal as you have my email address. many thanks - best wishes - teenamareena
  11. teenamareena it may be an idea to remove your home addy from the post above
    No point in letting theiving scum now where your bus is located
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  19. green wool pieces now sold. :)
  20. Hi

    Have you any yellow at all or is it just the few colours listed here you have. Just thought we would ask seeing as you found some green.


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