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  1. the time has come to admit to myself that i will never get around to using all this fabric. So i'm beginning with selling the upholstery/curtain wools i had bought to do the camper with.
    Most have wool content and conform to upholstery regs. Although upholstery fabrics (perfect for R&R beds) I have made curtains from these as i wanted to replicate the original thick wool devon ones. (make sure you have strong needles!). 5 years ago these were £20+ per metre.
    All are 132cm approx width without selvage (unless stated).

    scarlet and darker red woven wool rich fabric. colour is 'matador'. £5 per metre

    light blue, colour 'sky'. 60% wool, 40% viscose. lighter weight due to the viscose content. much easier to sew into curtains (it's the hems that are hardest on the heavier weight stuff!). £4 per metre SOLD.

    "Aquamarine', like a vintage dusky blue/green. 60% viscose, 40% wool. £4 per metre

    Bright jaffa woven fleecy fabric, with a fluffy nap. (much better drape than the pure synthetic fleece, so i suspect natural fibre content.) it's woven and looks the same on both sides, unlike 'fleece' fabric. this is a similar o r a n g e to my bug, which is VW Tomato Red. Only have 5.5m so would make a complete curtain set. 1.52cm wide. not sure on regs on this one as i've lost the label. £15

    Blue and white woven wool rich fabric. heavier weight than the viscose rich (the curtains i have for sale are this fabric). the different colour threads give an overall look of pale blue.
    2m at full width with another 1.5m at i/2 width. heavy weight £10

    where price is per metre I will be cutting from a roll. Rest assured i will always cut generously. some of the woven fabrics have intermittent 'slubs' which are very minor. this is reflected in the price (also the fact that i want more space!).
    All can be collected from nottingham and haggling welcomed for multiple meterage if you can carry a roll off! :)
  2. offers?

    i've also found more of the pale blue/white on a roll (yes, i have that many rolls of fabric ::) )
  3. Do you have anything green hun?
  5. sorry paradox, forgot until now. will have a look in the morning as i'm already tucked up waiting for the sandman :)
  6. NP hun im in no rush

    I need an mot before curtains lol

    How you doing hun?
  8. Im glad your resting and it sounds like you still have fight left in you so you should be ok soon

    My weeks been a hard one mentally
    Everythings good and im in a better situation than i was a year ago but my head keeps trying to drag the mood down and make me feel bad
    But i can understand what its doing from previous patterns and im learning to ignore those automatic thoughts and rise above them

    Ive only one life to live and im fed up of being scared and worried

    Oops went off a bit there

    I meant to say lifes testing me but im doing well lol
  10. Spot on hun spot on
  12. Now your doing a zed and your right inside my head

    I had to leave the forces due to an illness that no one knows what causes it and theres no known cure
    Since that ive been an early bird in what really matters especially when my father passed away suddenly and then my mother in law later

    Lifes simple and if you keep it simple its easy but it feels like people try to make it more complicated than it is

    It feels like theres no room for simple living in modern life
  14. Hun if we were sat round the camp fire now id be sat on your lap giving you a big cuddle

    Is so nice to have understanding people to talk too

    Old vw owners are the last bastion of what is real its no wonder people are willing to pay a premium to get in the scene

    Ive a classic landrover defender outside i would be willing to swap for a vw lt van if you know of anyone lol

    I think an lt would be my perfect escape from the norm vehicle
  16. Yeah hun ive a late bay in resto

    However a vw LT van has the space that i could live in it

    Ive told the mrs i aint joining the mortgage brigade when the kids leave home im becoming a nomad
  18. here's the green... sorry about rubbish photo but it's a wool rich heavy woven. the green is a little darker than the lighter green on the westy green check (if that makes sense?)
    i've 2 pieces approx;
    3.7m x 1.3m
    3.5 x 1.3m

    you would be able to get a full curtain set out of these two (use strong needles) and they'd be very thick curtains (no linings required). I've used this fabric before for curtains.
  19. Hi - just wondering if by any chance you still have any of the Aquamarine fabric still available - many thanks

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