Twin carb or supercharger?

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  1. What's the costs on a complete turbo kit? I've seen a place that does everything you need for supercharger for £1800 or twin 34's at £399. Plus the jets and pipe then rolling road for setup and I'm pretty sure the supercharger route will need rolling road
  2. Try twin carbs and almost anything other than a stock or Monza exhaust.

    They will do better than stock. Almost certainly produce enough extra power to overheat your engine on a good hill.

    The whole design of the stock T1 is that providing you dont lug in too high gear it is relatively difficult to blow it up with your foot hard on the floor.

    Add a turbo and you can benefit from it for the standing quarter mile and maybe a bit further down the road before the temperatures rise to the point you have to slow down again to the speed you would be doing with stock to let the cooling catch up.

    So factor in a cooling upgrade as well - the T1 cooling shifts 650cfm of air. A T4 which is VW's 1700 engine gets 800cfm of air.

    Turbos and superchargers have more place on a bug where there can be a lot more air flow around the engine and the additional power produces insane speed.

    On a bus without some suspension upgrades, the 75 to 80mph region gets 'interesting'. Tracking grooves in road, falling off the camber and blowing sideways fast...
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  3. Fitting a charger on a type 1 engine is not an easy thing to do as you have the fan housing in the way me the link for the kit as I'd be curious what is included And how they do it

    Loads of turbo buses around ...easier than charger and probably cheaper as you can use Renault 5 turbo carb ...

    Do a search
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  4. Or you could go EFI as there are off the shelf kits ...not cheap but does away with carbs
  5. Ahh the old faithful Renault 5 turbo, I've had many of them back in the day winding the old actuator arm in to increase boost. The link for the supercharger is
  6. Cheers for info mate I'm not going take the bus over 65-70 not unless it's got a fifth gear that's for sure!
  7. Apart from short bursts, won't a supercharger or turbo lead to overheating problems? Add in an intercooler and things get more complicated / expensive again.

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