Twin carb or supercharger?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Stuart Meaney, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Im in the process of doing a complete resto on my Bay window and I'm undecided as to whether or not I should put twin carbs on or put a supercharger on. I've got a 1641cc which has only done 3000 miles since new. Can anyone shed some light on which to choose? Thanks
  2. What's the spec of your 1641?
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  3. As far as I'm aware of its standard mate it came with the camper.
  4. Just bolt a supercharger on .easy peasy
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  5. No disrespect but ...

    If you don`t really understand about modifying a 1600 or plan to spending thousands with someone else doing the work a supercharger isn`t really an option .
    Twin carbs would be a good option but you still have to get to grips with understanding the engine - 1641 isn`t standard , it`s a 1600 with slightly bigger barrels & pistons .
    What cam ??
    Which exhaust ??
    What heads ??
    Etc etc ...

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  6. Cheers for info Lasty. I am new to air cooled engines and I'll have to speak to the garage that fit it as I have the receipt from when the previous owner had it put in. If it was a bmw lump or a cosworths lump I wouldn have a problem as I know my wat round them but unfortunately I've got to start afresh with this scene which has been a steep learning curve.
  7. If you understand those engines then this will be a pleasantly simple engine for you, think Technology on a par with a Steam Engine! :thumbsup:
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  8. Cheers for heads up Lasty, (if it was a cosworth lump or a bmw it wouldn't be an issue for me.) I wasn't aware that was the case with the 1641cc and I suppose I've been a bit lazy in getting my head around the engine up till now. I still have the receipt from the garage that git the engine from the previous owner so I'll see if it's spec is on there or I'll ring them Monday and find out.
  9. Like i said - no disrespect intended but these aircooled things are a different kettle of fish and ask away , there`s lots of knowledge available ..

    It`ll probably be a stock bottom end as 1641 is an easy upgrade without splitting the cases .
    Twin carbs are apparently better but i`m happy enough bimbling around with a standard everything engine - it`s proved VERY reliable . I do however have a set of weber 34`s i MAY try this year but if it ain`t broke etc etc ...

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  10. I haven't taken offence mate I really appreciate all the help I can get and I'm greatful for people's honesty and personal knowledge and experience.
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  11. There`s a fountain of knowledge on here - i`ve known enough to keep it going for a good number of years but learning more all the time .
    Ask away , you might even get a sensible answer !

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  12. I've checked the receipt but no info just supply and fit 1641cc engine! So I'll speak to the garage on Monday and see if they might shed some light failing that I'll get someone to look at it whilst giving it a complete service etc. I've thought about doing the type2detective seminar but I can't see how sitting with20-30 other people trying to look at the same engine is going to be helpful, if rather pay someone to go over it on a 1to1 basis
  13. ^^^ Or come to Techenders ... :thumbsup:

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  14. I think you may find whatever you do to it is disappointing in terms of improved performance, the only real way forward is to make it bigger.
  15. I'm not really wanting a big performance improvement just something to help me up hills with a camper full of three kids two boxers and camping gear and the furniture inside etc
  16. Who what where and when mate?? Tell me more!!!!!
  17. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Some decent 36's would give you a bit more Stuart but in all honesty just chill with it and enjoy the ride, get a bigger engine one day if you stick with it
  18. This bus will be with me and the family for a very long time mate. It's costing me about 10k for the body work that's making it rust free and spray job and then I've got the interior and all other bits so I'm looking at about 15k-20k all in. So a bigger lump may come one day just not yet
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  19. I`m not the one to reply on this one as i`ve never been - 1st time this year but looking forward to it .
    Middle of April , drunken assembly purporting to help you out with advice , van repairs and maintenance whilst eating cake in a Leicstershire field .....
    Sounds great !
    @rickyrooo1 is yer maun

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  20. 2055 or turbo 1600 ??? 120 ish v 200bhp The woossshhhhh noise wins me over
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