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  1. Hi has anyone done the track rod flip conversion on a lowered bus? If so did it handle any better??
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  2. Zed

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    It's done purely to stop the track rods hitting the chassis. Yes lowered buses corner better on super smooth roads but not because the track rods are upside down and then all you sh1t falls out of the cupboards and you have to slow down for bumps. :)
  3. If you flip them, won't the track rod tapers be upside down? How do they grip?
  4. Oh right so it’s nothing todo with having the steering arms level?
  5. You can buy a kit which has a bush that fits into the steering arm after you have drilled it out and it converts the taper.
  6. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Probably less level in fact? Mine definitely had noticeable bump steer with flipped spindles and flipped track rods, it kind of steered into the corners as you can't really stop them leaning a bit. I quite liked it TBH. :oops: It's not really that noticeable either way, Not a consideration when we're talking about a builders van from the 70's.
  7. What caster and camber do you run on that setup?
  8. Zed

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    Stock camber, the caster is not adjustable. I don't have it now, in fact the cons outweighed the pros and I put it back to stock height after a year of bouncing about smacking my head on the roof, slowing down for bumps etc etc. Honestly it was only good on well maintained A-roads and motorways... but there are no corners on motorways anyway. What's left? Ring road roundabouts. lol
    Nobody seriously lowers their bus for handling improvements, that's just what guys tell their wives, it's pure fashion.
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  9. mikedjames

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    What part of the handling do you seek to remedy ?
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  10. Thanks for your reply’s. I don’t mind the bumps and stiff suspension . I just don’t want to keep getting noise bleeds from the bus being so high lol
  11. I want it to be set up right and handle properly
  12. ^this. Personal taste, but I'm always amazed at the lengths folk will go to to ruin their suspension...
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  13. It will, if the stock suspension is in good shape. It's a delivery van, not a Porsche ;)
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  14. Why will it ruin the suspension?
  15. Just because it’s a old delivery van it doesn’t mean you can’t improve the handling on it surely
  16. Zed

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    Depends on your idea of handling. Me? I like to fly along bumpy roads at high speed with the stock suspension eating the bumps. I like to take off if I can. I like a smooth ride off road, I like to go fairly quick over speed bumps, I like to straddle those little square ones without slowing down at all. Stock suspension does all that. Lowered prevents all that. There were roads in the fens where I lived when I had the flipped spindles that I had to drive along at 35-40mph. After I put it back I could do 55-60mph on the same roads.

    Other people like to go round roundabouts faster, lowering will get you that. :)

    You're swapping about 3-4 inches suspension for almost none and will spend you life bouncing off the bump stops (if you manage to make/install some to stop the tyres hitting the wheel tubs).
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  17. You'll also lose the ground clearance, which must be as good as any 4x4 (if not better) if you're bumping across the rough stuff.

    The thought of flipped spindles fills me with terror - don't they have the main ball joints upside down :eek:?
  18. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Yup, I'm not a fan. :D
    This was ok lowered a spline. stock tyres, occasional rubbing, harder ride with stiffer shocks. Wife hated the back jarring, or looking back probably just hated me.
    This looked cool on flipped spindles for a given value of cool.

    But it also looked cool back at stock height and boy was it a relief to get back up there.

    Now I have yet another and it's stock. To my eyes it looks just right and drives lovely.
    Some look a lot higher, never figured that out, it has all it's leaf springs.
    Yes and a big internal circlip. There are other vehicles built like this from new, it's puuuurfectly safe.. ish. But yes, rather not be hanging on the ball joint nuts.
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  19. I’m not planning on using it for off roading tbo
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  20. Lol. That is bloody frightening. But it has got a circlip, so that's ok :)

    Stock rocks, IMHO.
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