Torque v Power

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  1. For your memory.
    I'll have a play.
  2. Not much scope for moving the push rod cup?
    Do you have the means of measuring distance from swivel centre to adjuster and cup centres plus distance between adjuster and cup centres? If I knew those I could work out how far to move the swivel hole. :)
  3. If I get time I'll measure it up at work tomorrow.
    How do i know if I have an exhaust rocker?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. They are the more angled ones.
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  6. I'm told if I do the inlets too I'd end in with more exhaust to exhaust and gain less in terms of rpm. But I'm not completely convinced so a full set to mess with would be good. Also good would be 1700 ones which are lighter with 8mm adjusters rather than 10mm the rest have. :)
  7. Done hopefully. That was a bugger to measure but it should be pretty close.
    Can email you a step or iges file of the 3d model if that helps.
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  8. Your more than a pretty face

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  9. 1.4:1. The internet and everyone on it says 1.3:1 so that's an interesting start.

    My CAD is a decade behind yours (and the rest!) but I can play with the dimensions. :)

    Ta very much. :thumbsup:
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  10. Ah, I make it 27mm from shaft centre to rod centre "along the arm", which makes it 1.3:1.
    Next time you're at work @oscar could you check that dimension? Ta. :thumbsup:
  11. I'm trying to get my head around the arc being at an angle to the pivot...
  12. It's not?
  13. But it is, so yours first call of 1.4:1 would be right...
  14. No, definitely not, it's 1.3. Oscar is checking the correct dimension for me.
  15. What I guessed at 27 is 26.68 making the ratio 1.33:1.

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