Topping up oil..How?

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  1. It's not escaping anywhere. There are no drips on my garage floor. I even got some fluorescent dye and a UV torch. Hardly anything showed.
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  2. Burning off? or being flung out on the road???
  3. Probably, but compression and oil pressure is OK. It drives fine and has been like this for years.

    I recently got a set of barrels and pistons so it's a job for next winter I think.
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  4. You'd expect I'd be trailing black smoke but no. I thought of it dripping onto the road whilst on the move but the underside isn't unusually oily so I don't get it.
  5. Someone else on here will know better than me! ... Would you necessarily get a smoker?
  6. Another one for the gearbox oil one litre plastic container. I’ve got four or five of them and makes oil changes a dream because you can squeeze them to hurry it along or just leave your one litre hanging in there and get on with other stuff. I also store them down the side of my battery and I can get three or four all around the battery without too much effort. I also leave the spout pulled out and these spouts have a threaded top on too, mine are Morris gearbox oil. On my early I have a couple of triangles braces on each side of the engine hatch posts and you could squeeze at least a sock into each but I just have a bit of T shirt and part of a jacket in mine, fits ace. Plus I never wipe my dipstick unless it’s warm.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, bit like what oil :)
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  7. And you thought you got all the bits out and then another one turns up, sticks to the fan and shakes the alternator bearings apart.
  8. Usually if it comes off the engine the back bar shows oil where it is blowing past.
    Maybe look around the oil pump it might be dripping straight out.

    Or the exhaust valve guides are badly worn , so you would be almost able to wobble the valve stems/spring keepers from side to side. They usually produce fine white smoke, typically a puff at startup, as the oil does not burn but just gets blown out of the exhaust.

    See what you catch holding a white cloth behind the exhaust while somebody revs the engine..
  9. You took a risk posting that picture. 10w40 ???? Ha ha :thumbsup:
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  10. It's weird, there's nothing to see dripping underneath but this is what I got when I held up some paper to the exhaust:
    IMG_1145 (600x800).jpg IMG_1146 (600x800).jpg

    The first one was on start up and it's not oil but soot and condensation water. Usually on start up it gives a bit of light grey smoke but cleans as it warms up. The second was after a 6 mile run and warmed up to 80C. There's no sign at all of any oil getting thrown out of the exhaust
    and virtually nothing underneath either. Yet I'm getting only about 475 miles/litre. I'm pretty sure the valve guides are OK too. Compression is good, leak down reasonable and if anything the leaks are down the bores.

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