Topping up oil..How?

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  1. Stick a bita rag there too fa wiping ya dip stick n fings :oops:
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  2. shall do. Ive got some old socks that will be perfect for that, and that will also wind up my partner
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  3. Does she like it dribbling then :eek:
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  4. no she hates that I keep my old holey socks for purposes like this
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  5. I have one of these where the spout snapped off on a cold day about 50mm from where it joins the main bottle part.
    I place the stub in the oil filler, invert the whole thing and it just sits there. When I am done turn it upright and poke a rag under it and pull it out
    At other times I leave it wedged beside the leisure battery from where it leaks a little protective oil under the battery.
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  6. Just make sure anything stored in the engine bay is too big or too dense to be blown into the fan. Rags are risky.
    Platstic bottles are fine.
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  7. And you’ll know what’s been sucked into the fan when the engine makes a funny noise and overheats. :thumbsup:
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  8. Tie a piece of chain to it just incase your fan has too much suction an pulls it out from behind your battery and oil bottle and somehow finds its way into your fan ;) and be careful when driving next to ladies with skirts as it may suck them off :thumbsup:
  9. Some great ideas here thanks. And we got onto page 2 before the smut got in.
    I fancy the very first idea funnel with a bit of hose . If there was a prize you've won.
    Some other ideas I am gonna look into . Gearbox oil can with the tube gets silver prize but I don't think I've used /seen one for over twenty years.
    Bronze goes to - a bit of rag to soak up spills . I know it's stating " the bleeding obvious" but I know every time I fill up I always think I will go steady this time I won't need a rag ...... ! We all do it don't we.

    Thanks for the ideas . Keep em comming
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  11. Plastic gearbox oil bottles not metal ones. They are small and compact , nowt wrong with a rag to wipe your spout / dribble surely :D
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  12. I shall put my oil bottle and rag (old sock) into a zip up bag such as this

    It's even got some velcro on it[​IMG][​IMG]
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  14. Biscuits ?
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  16. Do you at least get to see where it's all escaping to?
  17. I think you actually need new piston rings...
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  18. ...Please Me...
  19. My first engine had a cracked engine block but the best was a crank case full in 15 miles when I pinched a cylinder head gasket.

    And my Morris Marina did 150 miles to the gallon ...

    of oil. A tankful of petrol and 5 litres of oil every fill up.
    Crank oil seal dripping every few seconds, piston rings

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