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  1. Teaching myself to plumb, (before I attack my central heating):D
    Never soldered copper tube before so....
    Bought a gas torch
    Couple of attempts

    If it goes well I'll have a new wArm Lou ge soon:burp:
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  2. Would you like some constructive criticism or shall I just kill you now?
  3. You’ve applied solder to a Yorkshire fitting. People have lost fingers for less. Don’t ever do that again. It’s not big and it’s not clever.
  4. :D
    Go for it!
  5. Err no I didn't apply solder to a Yorkshire fitti g!
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  6. I all seriousness that’s not a bad first attempt.
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  7. Does the excess of solder mean I overheated or something?
  8. Ok so if solder is running that much out of a Yorkshire then I’d guess that you either used a bit too much flux or have the fitting a bit too hot, as it looks like it’s run quite a way out of the fitting. Make sure you wipe off any flux that’s outside of the fitting before you start as that also encourages it to run up the pipe.
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  9. I’d say with the end feed one underneath you’ve definitely used too much solder.

    here’s my technique for what it’s worth.
    1 clean pipe and fitting
    2 apply a thin layer of flux to the pipe and the fitting.
    3 wipe away any excess
    4 heat the centre of the fitting and sweep the flame left to right.
    5 once the flux begins to bubble touch the solder on the back side of the fitting. It’s easier to put a bend in the end of the solder.
    6 as soon as you see the solder run round to the front lift it off the fitting. That’s enough.
    7. Quickly wipe around the fitting with your flux brush to really smooth out the solder.
    8. Clean the fitting down with a damp rag as any left over flux will go green on the pipe.

    Yours is a very good first effort. Most of my first attempts leaked!!
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  10. Ah probably guilty of both of those then! Thankyou!
  11. Haha well leakage is my main worry, as once all the pipe works in place and soldered, if it does leak it's a ballache to rectify...
    Hence practicing first!
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  12. a few layers of paint will stop that :D
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  13. What’s an arm louge? Something French?
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    He may be a foreigner with ways different to our own.
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  15. You forgot to wrap it in PTFE tape
  16. 9121BB66-3201-4FAB-8492-4D949E01625D.jpeg
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  18. The trick with DIY bodge level plumbing is to make every few joints with compression fittings so you can drain down sections for re- soldering as even a micro trickle of water will kill any attempt at soldering...
    Inaccessible corners are the worst.. even for the "pros".
    . I have had to replace two elbow joints beside each other down the back of the hot water tank, both leaked after 5 and 19 years respectively. Both end feed fittings not Yorkshire and both missing wide solder all the way round...there were channels through with the paint doing most of the work..
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  19. Soldering in tight spaces can be an absolute pig. Although I’ve never used it, I know several guys that have used the specialist glue instead.
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    I do! And I will not be told any different. I use them in awkward places and would sooner be safe than sorry :)
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