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  1. You can do a guided tour below the waterfalls, the bent steel structure and a fire truck from the original attack remain there, they play recording of interviews with the police, witnesses and fire fighters, I didn't get to do it but speaking with a couple that did they said it was really poignant and not at all morbid.
  2. My wife and I did the WTC 20 odd years ago, the new One World Observatory experience is fantastic, would advise anyone to do it if they are in NY.
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  3. I found the WTC completely underwhelming. Just big tall buildings.

    Did you do the Statue of Liberty, up her armpit (if they still do it)?
  4. When we went 20 years ago we climbed the Statue of Liberty, it was like climbing scaffolding that was clad, not sure they allow it now though. A couple of guys in our party did jet skiing around the Statue of Liberty and a couple of the other islands. They said it was a brilliant experience. $200 a person though.
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    Last official ride on this chairlift for 2018.

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  6. Another season almost gone as ours will soon begin ....... can’t wait

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    That's it for 2018.

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    Except for those of us still working.

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  9. “Working”

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  10. Brian.. he has impeccable hearing and the eye sight of an eagle. Good on him.

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