Today is Coming Out Day

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    For time out of mind members of the LGBTQ community have had to hide in fear for their livelihood and their lives. Constant fear of being rejected by friends and loved ones, as well as the community of which they are a part, has led to many of them remaining in the proverbial closet. This means living a half-life at best, and hiding who you are from those who should be nearest and dearest to you. Coming Out Day challenges this ancient standard, and encourages LGBTQ people everywhere to stand proud and claim who they are, and thus reclaim their lives and sense of pride.

    Coming Out Day was created by Rob Eichberg and Jean O’Leary as a result of the 500,000 person March on Washington DC for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The experience was enough to vitalise them and lead them to establish this holiday, which encourages all LGBTQ people and their allies to stand proud of who they are and to fight for a more equal tomorrow.

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    Oops. Just read the rest of the post. I meant for a drink :thumbsup:
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  4. ‘Coming out of the closet’

    Was that inspiration from The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe?
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  5. My best mate’s eldest is transgender. He reckoned he always knew, but at age 12 decided to brave the consequences and tell his parents. Given the choice of a suicidal child and having to hide the kitchen knives, or letting him live and dress how he wanted, my mate didn’t see there was any option. School was terrible, resulting in a move to another place where the headmaster and teachers were sympathetic to the issue, but every day was still filled with a sense of dread in case his friends found out, ....and PE was a nightmare. Happily college and now university is a completely open joy where his peers aren’t fussed in the least and there’s no more ‘pretending’. And there’s definitely no need to hide the kitchen knives any more.
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    Pah! I’m all over this having done it 30 plus years ago :) .

    hopefully it’s easier nowadays
  7. Spare a thought for poor @Lazy Andy @rustbucket and @Terrordales ,imagine having to stand in front of your parents and tell them that you are.....

    A Tottenham fan, oh the shame:eek:
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  8. My son is gay. He’s in a long term relationship with a smashing lad who is a pleasure to have at our house. I always find it at but strange when people comment or have issues with it as to us in our household it’s just completely normal and never even given a second thought. My other sons girlfriend is a vegetarian. Now that is weird.
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    I often wonder if it was/is more easily accepted by close family that a girl is a gay as apposed to boys?

    Don't know why I ask that other than I knew a lot more gay girls growing up than I did boys!

    Still gutted Siouxsie Sioux was gay though. I so wanted that woman after being in her company one night at a party and seeing her live a couple of times. Damn she was sexy !
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  10. I’m not a football fan, but even THATS funny!
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  11. What I find pretty offensive is people protesting outside a primary school because they don’t think young people should be taught about LGBTQ. I want my daughter to be taught about life in its infinite variety, to include what others believe in of course. I wouldn’t dream of holding a banner outside the school gates and saying I don’t want my child to be taught about the various religions because I’m not a believer myself. Right, just thought I’d get that off my chest :thumbsup:
  12. Same here - my younger son came out 5 years ago and is now in a happy relationship. My elder son is married with 2 kids - happiness is debatable!!
  13. I rented the top room of a house, for 2 and a half years, before I met my wife. The landlady was bi sexual. It was brilliant.

    The parties...
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    that really annoys me too. The point , completely missed, by the protesters, was it was an anti bullying message to say that parents and children come in different forms. What sort of message are the protesters giving their children? That it will be acceptable to bully anyone from a non heterosexual family set up? How will it make children feel if they’re not from that background? That there’s something wrong with the? Their family? It’s discriminatory,bordering on incited hatred (at a certain level) in my opinion and should be stopped.
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  15. The thing that worries me is the sheer number of young uns in some kind of gender fluidity. Of the seven students in my sons shared house a couple of years ago (seven in a four bed house btw - £90 a week each with bills on top. No living room. One kitchen. Stop me now) only two were straight. Two were seriously aiming for gender realignment surgery. The rest dressed as the other sex at least. The worst thing was that none of them was happy - to the point of depression and being bi-Polar. Alfie said that loads of his peers were the same - it was ‘normal’.
    I remember as a young hack back in the eighties writing stories about phthalates (which soften plastic) causing fish to become hermaphrodite in the water around plastic factories. Some regulations kicked in - hence pvc-free cling film - but the bloody stuff is still everywhere. Apparently warming up flexible plastic releases the phthalates. Scented house products have them.
    You’re always going to have a proportion of gay kids - but transgender? Could it be a lifetime of exposure, starting in the womb?
  16. Interesting..:hattip:

    Having listened to a few 16 yrs olds,
    at their school, a lot are gay,A sexual,bi etc ...for attention..:thinking:
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    Oi! I’m feeling a bit left out as I used to be part of ‘the underground’ being gay and now I’m apparently mainstream! I need to do something else to get attention now :(
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  18. Saturday Live this morning on R4, Gok Wan was playing his “Inheritance tracks”, and before he played this one was explaining about coming out and the bullying he suffered. I’d never really paid much attention to the words of this song before but it really got me in the gut :thumbsup:
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  19. I think the dreads are doing a more than adequate job there :D
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