TLB Winter Camp - Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth - 25-27 Jan 2013

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  2. Honky

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    We lost a few WC veterans (every year, every night) this year. We're down to 5 now, me, Baghead, JenW, hippyrich and Mike4 (I think).

    Birdy only had a day visit this year and Marowak only managed one night.
  4. Honky

    Honky Administrator

  5. I was there mentally - I'd not physically the second night
  6. I lost a glove there and more importantly my TLB winter sticker. Please mr HorTs could I have another?
  7. Col you probably split some home brew on them and they melted ;) what have you got brewing for the next one? :D
  8. Nothing yet. Need to get on the case.

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