TLB Winter Camp - Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth - 25-27 Jan 2013

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  1. It really is f ing cold ... The wind is picking up ... I'm currently hiding in pinky as I cook curry
  3. Well it would appear we have very strong wind and rain tonight here just across the water from you all, hope you all have a good weekend and sorry that we didn't get Stig done in time to join you - next year ::)
  4. It was a torrential night ... But so far looking good today [​IMG]
  5. Apologies was such a flying visit but was great to meet you all today, we will definitely be there for a spring or summer camp.


  6. davidoft

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    nice to meet a few of you this afternoon, and little boy even learned to play darts :), bit to man flu ee to stay the night though :(
  7. This is my view this eve [​IMG]

    I ended up leaving at 7 pm ... As I left it was starting to rain and some mad people were eating cinnamon by the table spoon
  8. Birdy

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  9. Birdy

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  10. Was a shame we couldn't stay tonight as well but it was great to finally meet everyone and the legendary Birdy although only briefly ;) hopefully meet you all again soon.
  11. Home safe and sound.Great to catch up with you all last night.See you all soon.
  12. What a weekend. Glad I went in the end, despite the cold and rain it was a great laugh and good to put some faces to names.
  13. Checking in, Home and looking forward to hot shower, was quite (understatement) windy last night and it wasn't the tinned currys fault!

    Great to catch up and see you all at the next camp :)
  14. Birdy

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    And remember the rule; what goes on tour, stays on tour.

    And yes it was also good to put some more faces to names. :hug:
  15. Home safe, thanks to everyone who came. A great weekend :)
  17. Thanks everyone for a great weekend

    Shame it was so wet we couldn't spend more time round the fire pits

    See you all soon
  18. Let's hope next year brings less wind and rain. Here's to mogre winter-camp and less winter-hang out in the games room!

    Thanks for a fun weekend all.
  19. Birdy

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  20. slightly disjointed weekend for me ... but was great to see you all ...

    hopefully next year will have less rain and more - camp ;)

    (ie stu will stay over)

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