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  1. Why walk up when you can drive up. Clarkson did it, what's good for the goose etc etc
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    Great pics! Looks a lot like Bracknell.
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  4. There are a wide variety of walks and lengths of walk up around their short, medium and long, you just gotta plan them. I have been taking my 7 yr old grandson for 3 years his first walk was the standard up to malham cove, around to Goredale scar and through Janets foss back round to the other end of the village which is just a fraction short of 5 miles. He loved it climbed up stuff, paddled in the water and played football in the Goredale scar campsite. He now just loves going back there and we go at least twice a year to camp as well. I do DofE expeditions up there too sometimes up to 20km in a day out to Kettlewell or Arncliffe or Grassington, plenty to see and do.
  5. A fabulous area :thumbsup:
    I must admit to preferring Nidderdale though - bit quieter ..

  6. Your right there, it can be very busy particularly in the village and the cove, going up again at the weekend with the school mountaineering and adventure club, so will take them to some of the quieter parts too.
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  7. Man after my own, maybes not, lungs.:)
    Ay up Dicky, last time I was up there it was about 25 degrees and we caught up to half a dozen blokes in full medievel armour. Suppose it wasn't surprising we caught up to them.
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  8. Not in the Middlesmoor Crown.;)
  9. Probably need to toughen up your feet bud. Rub with surgical spirit twice a day for a fortnight, should help. If all else fails, try a good quality inner and outer sock combo. I reccomend any of the Bridgedales. Bridgedale Summit, though can be too warm for some(by the way they last for years, I've got some over 10 years old) and one of their light liners, tip top. A blister is preceeded by a hot sensation. As soon as you feel this STOP WALKING and take action. This may be just removing a ruckle from your sock, to plastering or taping the hotspot. If you find the problem persists, the book Fixing Your Feet by John Vonhf, published by Wilderness Press is about the best on the subject by far. Good luck and fit feet:thumbsup:
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  10. Cheers dude, thanks for the good info. I'll see how I get on with some Bridgedales first. :thumbsup:
  11. Oh yesss ...

    PROPER pub , the van knows it`s own way there :thumbsup:

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  13. I use petroleum jelly on feet it makes them have less friction so rub less and don't really get blisters anymore. I thought my feet would slip about in the boot but, of course they don't but, it certainly stops them rubbing and the subsequent hotspots that it causes.:thumbsup:
  14. Try some different lacing patterns too, may help to hold your boot tight and not move around. After all it's friction that causes blisters. Also try talcing the inside of your sock as well.
    This man sure knows his bunions:rolleyes:
    It's the chap whose book I recommended.
    Yep, with you on that one yorkieman, another good technique.
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