tlb Tatton Park Winter BBQ Saturday 10th December

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  1. The....erm....tree is being decorated as I type.... ;D
  3. just thought, we have our gas cooker & bottle in the van too...sounds like we're sorted!
  5. now i ve been told tony needs tinsel ::)
  9. Morky Mark - how old is Wellingtons little friend (whos name I have forgotten)?
  10. Ellie is ten years old Bev :) (not so little either!!!)
  11. Righty ho ho ho.
  13. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    markyman broke down on m6 waiting for the big yellow taxi! me and congi chillin waiting
  14. Mad people
  15. van now defrosting on drive
  16. I need cheering up, having huge work stress. About to send clowie out for cadburys roses and milk. Looking forward to taking the kids to see Santa in the farm (been doing my research!)
  17. Hmm, just started hailing here. Still v v jealous though. Particularly as I've been informed there is a huge list of things for me to do today at the workshop. :(
  18. Hoping to get there for 12 but got to do a quick dash for Skipton for school shoes first and 12 year old girls take some time on shoes!

    Not sure if Mrmc is coming as he's announced he's got consumption this morning ( downgraded from complete respiratory failure last night)

    Any body need anything fetching from the shops?
  19. Consumption can be very nasty but tell him the fresh air will do him good. Or he can come and help Steve and I can come with you!

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