tlb Tatton Park Winter BBQ Saturday 10th December

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  1. Anybody want to incur the wrath of the snow again? ;D

    Last year we arranged a meet up at Tatton Park for the beginning of December, then the snow came and put the kibosh on our (disorganised) plans

    Interested? Any idea about dates?

    It'll need to be before December as Wilma is going in for a cellulite job and face lift in time for her 40th, the old girl really does need it ;)

    If you've never been , it's a beautiful place with a wooded area for bbq's and plenty of room for VW's

    I'll post some pics of last year when I get home :)
  2. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Administrator

    Love to Miss Domecq , but no van til jan :-[
  3. As promised! Loads of great people came along. Most were new members and had never met up with any other TLBers before. We had a great time, sharing food, looking over each other's vans, chatting...Roll on Tatton park, Winter BBQ 2011.

    Everyone is really welcome :)







  4. I'll be there depending in the date, but please be nice to x
  5. We'll be there as long as the date fits.
  6. How could I refuse such an offer and ill be on my best behavior.well as best as I can manage ??? :- :mad:
  7. Woodylubber

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  8. Yep , we'll be up for it dates permitting
  9. whoo whooo!!!! What dates then folks? Last time, we asked for all suggestions then put all the dates in a poll and voted, then compromised, then voted again! Consult your diaries please and post em up asap as these sorts of things tend to not happen if left too long :)
  10. Any time in November is good for us or early December - October is looking dodgy though
  11. saturday or sunday?
  13. We'll be there...dates allowing :chewie: :smiley_dog_kiss: :dance: :thumbsup:
  15. c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.... who's the first to mention some dates then or shall we just do any saturday or sunday in November or early december? :)
  16. We'll be there even if it is in the focus :-[

    My working weekends are 22/23th October and 19/20th November so I'd prefer it not to be then, but I can always take leave. ;D
  17. That's a start then. i will put those dates on the poll hee hee hee hee.

  18. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Saturdays are better for us..any weekend in November!
  19. We can do a sat meet up then gives Tina sunday to defrost
  20. on a roll...
    okay does it look like saturdays are better?

    Any more requests or should we just go for the poll?

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