TLB Summer Camp - The Bell Inn, Frome - 27-29th July 2012

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  1. What a great weekend , home , unpacked and the obligatory post camping curry had . Mark now glued to the Olympics - he is taking it so seriously!!!!!

    Thanks all for fab friendly and fun time. :)
  2. Good to meet you all finally. Thanks to all who I managed to talk to and if I didn't get to speak to you I'll try to next time.

    Oh and George and Mildred, cocoa seems to have gone well with the boss. We'll see how it sits over the next few weeks and you may have just named our bus!
  3. Top weekend, I will now be retiring my bus pranks though. . .
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  7. i had a great weekend, shame i missed friday night in the pub but thats the downside of having my boy with me.
    as we were leaving alex was asking me if we were coming back next week, lol. he really enjoyed his first ever camping trip.
    thanks to everyone for making us welcome, see you at the next one :)
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  10. Cool pics and it was close to home and i couldnt come bummer :(
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    Sounds they have electrical hook ups and can we bring the dogs?

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