TLB Summer Camp - The Bell Inn, Frome - 27-29th July 2012

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  1. Honky

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    It was brilliant last year and we had attendees from everywhere, a special mention to those from Doncaster who made there way down.

    Water supply, loos, bush shower (a shower in a bush), use of pub and fires allowed but please make sure any wood is dry and cut (about 12"/30cm) before arriving.

    Children welcome.

    £10 a night per unit. All profits will go to a charity.

    The Bell Inn,
    Cock Road,
    BA11 2QT,+Somerset+BA11+2QT&hl=en&ll=51.260129,-2.355816&spn=0.001833,0.008744&sll=51.245403,-2.308416&sspn=0.058672,0.279808&t=h&hq=The+Bell+Inn+Frome,+Somerset+BA11+2QT&radius=15000&z=17
  2. I would love to come to Summer Camp this year but it all depends on dates :thinking:
    I work as a Precision Farming Specialist for Newholland & Case
    So if its in the harvest time the chance is I can't make it :(

    But never say never ::)
  3. Honky

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    What is harvest time?

    Last year it was the last weekend in July, and it worked pretty well. If we were to do the same this year it would be the 27th-29th July.
  5. Those dates would probably tie in well with our holiday plans. :)
  6. Honky

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  7. MorkC68

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    The last weekend in July will work excellent for us too, we cannot do most of august!!
  9. MorkC68

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  10. This looks like we could do this :)

    Just got to work on Bridge :-* to get her to say yes ;D
  11. hailfrank

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    last weekend of july :)
  12. Sorry guys :- looks like we will not be comeing :(
  13. Iam comlng and rthe rest of somerset
  14. Honky

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  15. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I'm game for it again.
  17. Woodylubber

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  18. MorkC68

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    Mark, Bridge would love Summercamp, the location is excellent - its well worth heading down there, we wont miss it!
  19. Woodylubber

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  20. Honky

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    They are in the envelopes :)

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