TLB Summer Camp Hogs Back Brewery - B'stoke Canal Campsite - 26-28 July 2013

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  1. I just told Katie what Birdy said and she laughed loudly too.

    It's difficult living with this parking placement disease.

    PPD could effect you at any time!
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  2. Really looking forwards to this weekend - I'm all packed up, fridge is chilling, hound is snoozing and I'm excitied! :D

    Just a thought for those (like JenW ) arriving after 16:30 - I wouldn't normally be too fussy or mention it, but as they are full and have already turned people down, have you phoned and let them know you will be "late" arriving?

    The reason I mention it is that this is on their website -
    And this was in my confirmation email -
    They seem quite keen on it... :)
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  3. I never even got a confirmation email.
  4. Neither did we!!!

    Gazebo dead, can't bring it :(
  5. dean_butler

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  6. will bring ours guys
  7. the campsite is yes mate.

  8. I am letting them know about Horts arriving late, so I guess as long as one of us has a pass to the barrier we should be fine. they are quite chilled out down there. As they are run by the council you wont see anyone before 10.30 or after 4.
  9. Mighty pee'd off! Ordered a powered coolbox on Wednesday for next day delivery thinking it would be good for the weekend with this weather. Just phoned up and its not even been shipped yet.....

    Now how do I find another one at a local store which is still going to be open after 6pm on a Friday!

    Not going to be happy with warm cider and gone off food tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

    And just to name and shame..... Jacksons Leisure Supplies
  10. Cool - I've never stayed there before, so had no idea whether they would be ueber strict or not and didn't want anyone having to go through stress that could be avoided :)

    I'm off to ride now - see you laters, alligators! :burp:
  11. Halfords or Argos are the only ones I can think of, or maybe a supermarket??
  12. dubster - that's rubbish!
    surfgir1 - thanks - you just reminded me to ring them as I didn't get a confirmation e-mail either
    I have the codes and they seem fine about late arrivals...
    See you all there!
  13. I know...

    When I booked they told me to call a few days before to arrange the late arrival pack, was told to call back today as codes likely to change this afternoon..... Will update here when I have called.
  14. Tried them, nothing round here though....

    The Halfords near the camp site has one.... and is open till 8.... do you think everything will cook in the 20 miles getting down there?

    I did need to chill the box on the way down though as my old battery is crap and its probably only going to last an hour or so when I get there. Figured a couple of little engine running moments would just cool everything down enough to get me through.
  15. dubster - on the beer cooling front - if you stick crates under your van it does keep them chilled even in the baking sunshine - had cool beers all Glastonbury 2011 that way!
    I expect Richard will be bringing our spare coolbox this weekend filled with ice as he's become a bit obsessed with having ice - either way you can stick things in our coolbox I'm sure!
  16. We're off. The van is packed. Having a kid triples what you need to bring.
  17. Thanks Jen! Maybe just a bit of food then if you don't mind, warm cider will be fine after the first couple anyway :)
  18. I'm here but there's no Bays? Have I gone to the wrong place? :eek:
  19. I don't think anyone else is there till 2 ish.

    Get a good spot. If its a big field with the reception and showers etc on your left as you drive in / it's the right place
  20. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I'm bringing beans.

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