TLB Summer Camp Hogs Back Brewery - B'stoke Canal Campsite - 26-28 July 2013

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  1. His charge out costs are astronomical!

    are the rear brakes engaging at all? could always jack the rear up to check.
  2. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    A request..

    Could someone take a spare chair please for me :)
  3. if you come on the tour
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  4. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374827718.208111.jpg

    Id say you could use Dylan's. but it's prob a bit too small.
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  5. Well, I'm ready!
    Mrs TBR however, appears to be ready for nothing. :-/
    Panic is ensuing and there isn't a spare inch of Ted that isn't jammed with something.
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  6. I've got some yellow ramps levelling ramps and all the tools you'll need. I'm sure we can sort something.
  7. I've got two spare chairs on board. :)
  8. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    Lovely :) got the rack too cheers mate I'll sort you out when I get there.
  9. Will
    You have a jack with you? Would be good to have a look.
  10. I can bring an axle stand and flat board if you let me know pretty quickly!
    07887 777213. Text me.
  11. This is why I love late bay people. Yes please.
  12. Std Jack on board.
  13. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374828486.656055.jpg
    Happy to oblige. :)
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  14. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374830164.488468.jpg

    Almost ready. Off to get booze now and picking up Dylan from day care at 1.
  15. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Just let the tyres down. Fixed. That'll be £120 please :lol:
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  16. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Have you got paradox packed on your roof rack? :eek:
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  17. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Just had a thought. I wouldn't worry about the handbrake. By the time you've parked up we'll all be going home.
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  18. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    Map Sellotaped on, loaded and unloaded as forgot to turn petrol on :(
    Planned nothing got nothing but cider and chair orders are placed.
    I apologise now for the mess that will be hailfrank the cider drinker

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  19. Actually made me LOL - and then I had to explain at work - and then they all laughed
    Sadly I will miss the marowak parking side-show as not getting to Farnborough until 6ish :(

    Looking forward to this one - today is shaping up to be an awful day at work and it's only 11!
  20. I've got better at my OCD parking. But how rude of you all to mock me.


    Birdy - I will seek my revenge before the weekend is out ....
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