TLB Springcamp in the middle - Rutland Water - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th May 2014

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  1. Woodylubber

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    Week before Tour de Yorkshire ;)
  2. thats it then we a try n do big tour of da norf june to july ??
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  3. I want to do lots of camping this year as was working every weekend bar one last season. Don't clash with Van Jamboree tho please as I won tickets for that :thumbsup:
  4. Would love a spring camp, don't know if we will have a van by then thou so it might be in an eriba.

    Yes thinking of selling the van in the next few weeks :-(

    Will be looking for another project once we have moved house.

  5. :( but :thumbsup: for the new project :)
  6. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    oh no!
  7. No don't do it your van is far too good to sell :)
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  8. bernjb56

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  9. We could be up for a spring camp. Missed the boat on Eskdale and in Ireland (not with @bernjb56 !) the weekend of the Beer & music festival :(
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  10. Never seen that website before.
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  11. I only found the campsite by wandering off track
  12. thats just round the corner from you, quick stroll pitch up tent ,get drunk,stroll home again afterwards, thats if you haven't got the van finished!!
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  13. Its 3-4 days walk from me
    Im not as daft as i used to be
  14. In all honesty though i think it would be a great place for a tlb camp
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  15. i think more camps and meets should be up here......
    i've booked eskdale want to go to tynemouth show, would go to dent festival but trying not to drink so much and with proper ale on tap would be just too much.................
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  16. How many miles are you from me
  17. i am about 100mls directly west of you in south lakes. eskdale and dent would only be about 40 mls and have famly in tynemouth but would love more things happening somewhere north of the m25....
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  18. Well woody normally sorts spring camp so i dont want to step on his toes

    In all honesty i may not have my van mobile before july so im in no power to organise anything

    I just really think that campsite is a great one

    If you have a bit of fuel to burn to make the 100 miles then you can park your bus here if you want and we could sit down and plan some proper northen meets

  19. I forgot to rip the yellow snow that woody lives down south now lol
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