TLB Spring Camp in the yorkshire dales Fri 30 March/Sun 1 April

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  2. I've lost track now - does Malcolm allow fires?

    We've got to bring the car as well as the van ( got to drop the girls back for a guides trip on Saturday) so can bring quite a few if required.

    Anything else anyone needs bringing??
  4. Steve, what's the weather like there? Tis grey and cold and looking a bit rainy in Brighouse :(
  6. assorted camping stuff stacked up, ready to overload the beetle, party frocks,jewels and glitter balls ready :thumbsup:
  8. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Balls, weve not had time to sort any costumes out :( (Studying till 11pm most nights doesnt help)

    Does Malcolm accept the Heat Log briquettes (the 100% recycled jobbies) - they are not wood so I imagine this is okay
  10. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    excellent, cheers Steve - I'll get some this afty ;D see yout later matey!
  11. Petrol Update......No Petrol or Diesel in Settle until Monday. Unsure about Skipton, but there are only two fuel stations there. Ingleton has just had 20000 l delivered, so will have fuel for the weekend.....Petrol Update over.
  13. Tesco petrol station in Skipton closed.
  14. just baked some buns and mince pies.
  15. I have just set off and we'll be with you at 7 o'clock
  16. We should arrive about seven also

    Whos phoning the bbc news to tell them about the 30 stranded campers due to the fuel shortage lol
  17. wow that is amazing

  18. sun is out in Skipton.....fuel line crisis.....thanks Phil for your help!
  19. When we arrive at seven this is our bus if you want to say hello [​IMG]

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